With wife and sister in law

That Friday night, I was feeling a bit down and hence decided to take off of Saturday. I told my wife so. She, however, insisted that I should go to work, since I would be requiring some holiday the next month. I had mentally decided to take off and that night, since my son was out of town, I enjoyed the usual sex with my wife and slept peacefully. Next day morning, when I got up, I found my wife besides me, staring at me. I smiled and started fondling with my member. I asked her to suck me, for the breakfast. She never liked fellatio. But to keep up my mood, she performed fellatio. After I went limp, she got up and started working on the daily routine, so did I. After some time, she received a call from her sister, who was asking whether she could spend a day with her, since her husband was out of town. My wife informed her that I was at home today, but she did not mind.

My sister-in-law came in at around 11 AM. After exchanging smiles and all, we firmed up our program for the day. I decided to take rest and they both decided to go for a movie. After a sumptuous lunch, I put the bedroom AC on and started having a nap. After a while, I sensed that someone is playing with my shorts and trying to reach my member. I slowly opened my eyes and was surprised to see that both the ladies were on the job. I opened my eyes full and smiled naughtily and asked what had happened to the movie. My wife informed that they had planned to spend afternoon together, enjoying lesbian sex. But I had become intruder. I told them to go ahead. They were please. They started going to the other bedroom, when I suggested that I could watch the fun. They were a bit shy, but agreed. They started undressing each other, kissing each other at the same time. Both were playing with each others breasts and by the time, they were heated, I was erect like a pole. They could easily see a bulge in my shorts. I extended my arm and touched my sis-in-law. She felt excitement. I started messaging her breasts, at the same time, sucking nipples of my wife. My sis-in-law went down on me and took me in her warm mouth and started sucking. She seemed to be expert in the act. I was mad. My wife showed her cleanly shaved pussy, expanding her lips. When she was near my mouth, I started licking her. I was in frenzy. I started pressing her boobs, at the same time licking her out. I declared that I was about to come. My wife immediately asked me to hold on, since she wanted to watch me come. She turned around and sat besides me. She pushed one of her nipples in my mouth and then told me to shoot. My sis-in-law was actually waiting for this moment. I shot a load of semen in the mouth of sis-in-law and biting nipples of my wife. I lay there spent.

Then, to my utter astonishment, my wife declared that it was her turn to suck me. As a have already narrated, she never liked fellatio. But she took my limp dick in her mouth and stated sucking, circling it within her mouth. My sis-in-law, who was sitting besides, cam near us and asked me to bit her nipples, and play with her cunt with my finger. It was a real feast for me. My sis-in-law stated pressing boobs on my wife wildly. That scene was totally erotic. I had started slowly growing in my wife’s mouth. After ten minutes or so, I declared that I was about to cum. That moment, my sis-in-law pushed my wife aside and placed her breasts on by dick and started messaging it. It was not possible to hold on for any long and so let go off. All the cum spread on her boobs and she started spreading it all over. Then she told my wise to lick my semen. My wife refused. But my sweet sis-in-law insisted and told that it tasted great. So my wife tried. She was very pleased with the taste and declared that in future, I should always allow my semen to flow all over and she would clean it with her mouth. Our exchange of places went on quite some time. We have enjoyed this quite a lot and every time we get a chance, we try out many things, just between three of us.

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