I love my sister

Hi I am bobby again. I am regular fan of incest sex stories of this sight. I read many stories how Indian guys and girls are loving their real siblings. My wish to write this story is very old but I feel a bit shame on me how freak I am. Please comment on this story. I am a guy of 30 years unmarried. I have a younger sister age 22 named pooja doing MBA.Pooja is very attracted just looked like sonali bendra(Hindi film actress).She is 5’7” tall. I had a foot fetish since childhood. Readers may read the story “my kusam madam” I had sent abt 6 months ago.

Me and Pooja shared bed room since childhood.

We have two single beds in our room.Pooja has a best friend aman from nearby village and use to stay in our home during exams for studies. All this happen on march’15,2004 when aman came to our home and decided to stay overnight at our home. At 9.30 pm power goes off and pooja told me to sleep in bed room due to save the inverter power and they will study in the same room. I went to bed. pooja and aman shared the bed. In mid night I went to bathroom and came back I saw pooja and aman are sleeping in one bed in head to foot position and pooja was holding aman’s foot in sleep.

It turns me on. aman has nice pedicure feet with trimmed nails polished with pink color. Her spotless white feet turn me on. I get some courage and bend my face was now just 1 cms close to her toes. I smelled her feet under the toes the aroma of her feet was just marbles touched her sole with my lips and brush my lips on her whole foot.

During this I brush my lips on pooja’s hand too. First time I feel my sister in sexual way. I placed small kisses on her hand and aman’s feet. The heat of my breath makes pooja to move. I went to my bed. After an hour or so I get up again and rolled over floor to reach her bed. This time luck was in my favour.Aman’s foot was dangling just 1 feet of floor maybe small space of bed and other foot was near pooja’s face. I lay on my back so her foot comes just over my face. I licked her sole from her toe to her heel. She shifted a bit and placed both feet on bed. I came back but one thing I notice pooja has buried her face in aman’s feet. I doubt she has foot fetish too.
Next day in evening I went to my room I saw pooja was Appling nail polish to her feet. She saw me and I told her I want my toe nails polished. She laughed and said Bhaya r u serious. I said yeh I like polished nails she said okay I have light colored paint and will do that to you. I said okay u paint my toe nails and in favor I will do yours.

She lies on bed and extend her both feet towards me. On the same I placed my feet towards her. She hold my feet and commented u have very soft feet bhaya I said yeh because I always wear shoes.Pooja said let me paint ur toes first then u do mine because position was not fit to paint both or our feet together. Now I was on my back and pooja was painting my toes. I extend my hand and brush her foot. She didn’t bother. I get some courage and hold her foot towards my face and smell her foot. Pooja said bhaya do u like my feet. I said I like her feet smell. She just moves and saw directly I my eyes and told me a shocking thing. She said she knows I was licking aman’s feet.Pooja then said don’t be embrace bhaya its normal I feel the same as you. Maybe we have the same blood so we both has foot fetish.

Pooja disclosed me than she had licked my feet during my sleep since last few years. I was shocked think girls are more bold than boys in incest relations. I placed pooja’s foot over my face and licked her foot. She too licked my sole. I was in my shorts and my dick was fully erect. She extended her hand to pick the nail paint but brushed my dick. Once she touched and get it is my dick she again brushed her hand 3 or 4 times and at last she hold my dick over shorts.
I told her it’s not the right time we will enjoy in night. I came back from my room because it was time to come back of my parents.

During dinner at dining table with my mom and dad she extended her foot to my leg and winked at me. I was just shocked for her action because she became a bitch in heat. Later at night She wear a nighty and came to my bed. I feel a bit guilty to have sex with my own sister. But she said it’s normal because aman’s brother fucked pooja and aman already. It was a new shock for me. Being a Punjabi guy I can’t bear that someone spoils my sister. She placed her feet towards my face and kissed my feet. It was sensational desire through out my body I want my own sister’s feet to lick and more. I stared from her toes. In tube light I saw the marks of anklet on her feet I licked the marks undid her anklet and licked her legs towards her cunt.She said bhaya “marjangi” . I undid her panty and buried my face in her cunt.She was crying yeh bhaya lick me there. She now holds my dick in her hand and sucked me.It was terrible to hold back more I spurt in her mouth. I licked deep in her cunt . Her body tense and I feel her salted come in my mouth.

After that we become the best loving brother sister in India. Pooja told me bhaya we will do oral only till rakhi.We laid from head to foot on single bed and all night I licked her feet and body and she did the same to me. After that she sucked me off and I licked her cunt to the orgasm. Pooja don’t want me to fuck her She said Rakhi is coming (a festival of brothers and sisters) Pooja will tie a rakihi on my dick on rakhi and licked sweets from my dick and want me to licked sweets from her cunt then she will allow me to fuck her.

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