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Hi, it’s me Arun again, with yet another experience. Your comments have made me bare all my secrets. Thank you all for the good ratings that you people gave me for my earlier postings. That is an inspiration for me to come up with another one. This is a story of my elder cousin sister Lara, she was five years elder to me. We all grew in my grand mothers place, but I never felt anything for her until recently when she started getting sexier and was inviting towards me. One day while I visited her house, that’s when her husband was out of the country, she looked starved for sex and her body was throbbing for a man. I hugged her and placed a peck on her cheek as usual, but her hug was not usual. It sent a tingle down my spine and I wanted to make love to her. Later during the day when I wanted to use her loo. I went in and relieved myself, and I saw her undergarments hung inside, I couldn’t resist but pick it up and smell and there started my lust for her. From then onwards I started to visit her more frequently and started to move closely with her and take undue advantage of her. I used to rub our bodies at every opportunity I used to get. One day I had the golden opportunity to stay with her over night.

I rushed to the nearby medical shop and bought ‘Memphisto’ tablets to get her aroused. Normal instructions are two tablets for normal arousal and four for immediate arousal, but I chose 6 for her I wanted her to beg for sex with me. We prepared for dinner. While we started our appetizers. I instantly asked for something to drink so that I could lace her drink with the tablets. She got a lemonade. Whilst the lemonade was being served I excused myself and went into the washroom to pee. There I relaxed myself got the tabs out and came, she too wanted to use the loo, so she left and the lemonade was served and I immediately ran my hand on her drink and dropped the tablets into her drink and I kept stirring them until I could see the last tab dissolve and was waiting anxiously for her to return and she did. Today I had not worn my undies in anticipation of making love to her and she walked out of the kitchen more pretty and more beautiful. Looked like she made herself up for me that evening. My blood gushed to my pants as she took the first sip of her drink and we talked everything under the sky, while relishing the food and I could see she was growing restless. She had a lot of trouble waiting for the food to be finished that night. I was enjoying her restlessness, she used the loo a couple of times. I kept lacing her drink with a tab more every time she left. It was one of the superb dinner of my lifetime, her love for me had just become into lust and she wanted me. She said she felt like talking to me all night. I said I would love to accompany a beautiful women like her anytime. She became hornier with these declarations. I could see her hunger in her eyes, her devilish instincts were guaranteeing me my fortune of my life tonight. We finished dinner and went to take a walk on the terrace, and I knowingly brushed my left arm to her right arm and her body. The heat was building up into her and mine too. I looked into my watch and said its time to hit the bed. I knew this was my moment and we walked down to our bedrooms.

Lara put her elder son to sleep and changed her self into a Red transparent nightie and started to put her second to sleep, he cried with hunger I guess, Lara was horny to put him to sleep at the soonest. She immediately opened her bra and started feeding him there itself. And she wanted to show me her boobs. I was taken aback at her horny state. I knew this was the time to get to her. I was aghast , a lady in front of u stripping and feeding her baby son, I couldn’t control and my lund was fully erect. My Erection was difficult to hide. She saw that but said nothing, I boldly got up from the sofa, walked up and closed the doors and windows of her house and asked her if I can switch off the main lights, she said I can turn on the bed lights . I did so. And went and sat back on the sofa. She was still talking to me and her baby fell asleep. I told her that her baby is sleeping. She said “Oh” I forgot and went inside to place him on the bed. I went behind her and touched her elbow and said , “can we start it, I know you want me to fuck you right now”. She was appalled, she never thought I would ask her like that. I told her that if she wants I can have sex with her right now.

She immediately hugged me and , said ” Actually , I still love you as much as I did in earlier, I would have married you if you weren’t my cousin, my husband is not able to satisfy my hunger and I don’t find much pleasure in masturbating . hearing this I was mad at her ,I instantly drew her close and tightly kissed her. Tongue to tongue, lick to lick, we kissed passionately for 10-12 mins .I then closed the door, (of course it was closed before also, but now I just locked it perfectly).I immediately got to fulfill my ulterior lubricious desire. To milk her. I hurriedly opened her blouse buttons, and said “Lara, today I will fulfill my hearts desire’ she asked what was that, I told her ‘I am going to suck all the milk of her boobs and make love to her’. I made her drop her bra straps, and there were they, two light brown colored, conical melons, with normal light brown nipples. Oh god I could not bear the sight of those two luscious babies waiting for my caress, I immediately took them into my hands and directed my mouth on them, and started to suck them like a thirsty person, she started moaning in ecstasy, “oooooooh , Arun dheere karo aaaaaram se sidewale ko chooossssooo haaaaan uffffff aurrrrr haaaaaaaaan, dono haathoonnn….se dabao hannnnnnn, ahhhuffffff” I filled my hands with those two spongy melons and got into action. I made her lie on her back on the sofa. Her boobs were now drooping downwards, I took each one in my hands, and started milking her and sucking them dry( try this one and u will reach orgasms before having sex). I did this for quiet some time until her boobs turned whitish and sagged….. my fetish was just beginning to shape up , I looked at her she was in heaven already and was dying for my penis.

I made her stand nude and again with my full strength I squeezed her boobs, and directed the milk to flow on my penis, the whirring feel of milk from her boobs falling on my penis made my penis grow another half inch. I asked her to take my penis and suck it clean of all her milk, she instantly took it in her mouth started licking her milk of it, it was the most amazing feeling one can get to have his best Cousin Sister suck his penis. She went sucking my penis like a chocobar and I shot my first load of jism into her mouth. I said “ua re an expert”, she blushed. Now I made her stand with one leg on the sofa and other on the ground, and I like a wild animal tore her legs apart and got into her jungle.I almost took her entire pussy in one hard stroke, hers was a medium sized, 4 inch pussy lips. I started to fuck my dream girl, I started to fuck my best Cousin Sister and my Cousin Sister with whom I have shared everything till date is now under me enjoying my penis in her hot pussy. I kept fucking like a mad machine and she was great in countering my strokes and my penis kept growing with her moans and groans, her face and expressions from getting fucked by her brother made me more hornier and I kept ramming her cunt, I made her reach orgasm 2 times even before I could reach my first orgasm, I was tired but I hadn’t come, I cant give up the heat. I kept beating her meat with all my might and she started bleeding like a virgin cunt. I could not believe myself that I was having my cousin sister bleed in utter erotic pleasure, in the same bed where she sleeps with her husband and now with her sons beside her.

I could not control my desire I took a deep breath and started to pump her again. She blasted again for the third time and her juices this time erupted the tingle in me and started to build up. I bent down and asked her to lick my chest, she started to suck my tities and helped me build up and shoot my load in her, I held her tightly to my crotch and deposited all my load deep inside her. I said I wanted her to bear my child. But she said she had already got herself operated after her second child. I dint bother, I had a back up for that. I slid my penis out of her cunt and she curled into a caterpillar with the aftershocks of pleasure. I saw my penis still up like a staff, soaked in her blood and our juices. she was curled up and that was protruding her ass hole out, the glory of her hole was inviting me, and I again started clitoral stimulation, this times with my two fingers.” ooooooooooohhhhhh aaaram se bas Arun bas naaaa ahhhhh bas karo naaaa..” But I never stopped. I asked for vaseline and she said she kept it in the Almirah, I immediately picked it up and applied to my fingers and got in to her love hole. I Finger fucked her for 20 mins or so. I gain got into her pussy and started the motion, and as the speed picked up she was pleading me to give her some rest, I was not in the mood of getting off her pussy until I had an experience of a lifetime, this time fucked her until she blasted twice and my hot penis gave me the idea of fucking her mouth while I eat her pussy. I made her lie on her head on the sofa, she upside down, her legs on my shoulders, her pussy in my mouth, it was a mouth watering Indian pie of my dearest Cousin Sister, and her rest of body on the bed. I licked her cunt for 15 more than mins. her vagina was red and was overflowing with both our juices and streams of blood.

Only outside the house, Lara and Arun behaved like Sister and brother. Inside the house, they were practically husband and wife. Arun even wanted to call his Sister by her name rather than Akka. But Lara insisted that he call her Akka. When he called her Akka when they are making love, Lara felt a special thrill. Arun sat in an overstuffed chair across from Lara who sat on the couch. He studied his young Sister as he had so many times recently, realizing all over again just how lucky he was to have such a gorgeous, sexy Sister as his lover. Lara was only thirty two years old, having married when she was twenty six. She had given birth to a brother exactly ten months after her marriage. Her husband was a software geek. Lara smiled seductively at her brother. Her hair was dark like night, tumbling down around her shoulders in gentle waves. She had beautiful eyes and her mouth was full and sensual. Her face was young and gorgeous but it was only the beginning of her rare beauty that made her brother Arun crazy about her. Lara also had a body that wouldn’t quit–long, slender legs, a narrow waist, and gigantic tits that stood straight out from her chest. Good looks ran in the Nair family for all the females were fair, big-titted and gorgeous. And all the males were tall, handsome, and ruggedly built with wide shoulders and muscular frames, even the youngest of the boys in the family.
“Let me get you some milk”, Lara said, suddenly rising and moving toward the kitchen. Arun rose, too, following his sexy Sister. His eyes fixed on the perky sway of her little ass, which strained tightly against the thin cotton sari she wore, each ass cheek threatening to pop out from tight confines of the fabric.

Arun knew that his Sister wasn’t wearing any underskirt. Arun had requested her not to wear it so that it is easy for him to lift his Sister’s sari and kiss her tasty womanhood nestling between her hot thighs. The kitchen door swung closed behind the brother and Sister and Lara swung around to face Arun. Her arms wound around his strong neck and she pulled herself snugly against him. The huge mounds of her tits rolled over his chest and her mouth covered his. For long moments, the lovers tongue-kissed each other, embracing tightly and moaning with excitement. Mmmmm, Lara sighed, easing back a little. I’ve been wanting to kiss you like that all night! Yeah, me too, Akka, the boy muttered huskily. Then, her mouth was once more planted over his and her tongue darted into his mouth, twisting and turning and exciting him with lewd thrills that raced up and down his spine and made his big cock stiffen. His Sister’s blouse was no longer buttoned. It was now tied in a large knot beneath the bulging mounds of her tits. And, her eyes glittered with excitement as she watched her brother take in the exciting curves of her partly exposed tits. You’re really sexy, you know that, Akka? The sexiest Sister I’ve ever seen! Arun said, his voice filled with admiration. Thanks, brother, but you know, you’re really something yourself! Lara said, flashing him her warmest smile. Back in the living room, Lara ran one of her hands up her brother’s thigh in a deliberate teasing motion as they sat side by side on the large couch. When her hand stopped, her fingers moved to the crotch of his lungi and rested on the growing hard-on there. Arun moaned and reached out, pulling his Sister against him. Their lips met again and their tongues flicked hotly against each other. Then he thrust deeply, driving toward the back of her throat. Lara moaned around his taunting tongue, turning on even more.

As they continued to tongue-kiss passionately, Lara rubbed her brother’s crotch greedily. The huge cock still concealed in his pants strained painfully against the fabric, trying to free itself as Lara caressed it. While she continued to stroke her brother’s prick, Lara’s lips and tongue clamped down around his tongue. She held his tongue firmly and the boy realized that she wouldn’t let go until she was good and ready. Then she sucked. Hard and fiercely, she tugged on his tongue, as if she wanted to pull it out at the root. Her own tongue whipped and twisted around his, while her rubbing hand increased the pressure of its strokes. Arun’s hands slid from Lara’s back, inching toward her bulging tits.
Mmmmm, the young Sister moaned into her brother’s mouth as he rubbed and pinched her big tits. Suddenly Lara’s mouth released Arun’s tongue and her hand grasped his wrists. A glowing fire of lust burned deeply within her beautiful eyes as she gazed up at her handsome brother. Just relax kunju. I’ve got something special planned for you, she murmured huskily. The boy grinned and offered no objections as his Sister eased him back on the sofa, her fingers working to unbutton his shirt. Pulling his shirt open to expose his chest, she leaned down and licked and sucked his chest-flesh. Then she loosened his lungi and pulled it down. Arun was now completely naked and, watching him, his Sister gasped with excitement. Her full, sensuous lips parted and she let her tongue slip out. Glistening wetly, the pink tongue-tip slowly moved over her lips, slackening them. Then, quickly, with an impatient groan, the young Sister removed her sari and her blouse, revealing her lush nakedness to her brother’s hungry, devouring eyes. Arun reached out and pulled his lovely Sister to him once again. Her tongue stabbed into his mouth, locking with his tongue for a few moments before withdrawing. His tongue followed hers back into her mouth and she sucked on it just as she had done before.

She burrowed against her brother, her heavy tits pressed excitingly over his broad chest. And her hands lovingly caressed the throbbing shaft of his cock that jutted out from his naked crotch. He palmed the underside of his Sister’s ripe tits with both of his hands. He squeezed and fondled them, moaning with excitement. His thumbs inched up the slopes of her gigantic tit-mounds and rubbed over the stiff buttons of her nips. She moaned with lust, finally releasing his tongue. Just lean back, kunju, and I’ll do the rest, Lara said, smiling up at her brother, her hand still stroking the rigid length of his prick. He swallowed hard, watching her slide from the sofa and kneel between his widely spread legs. She paused there a few seconds, her face turned to his. The moist pinkness of her tongue danced behind her parted lips. Then her eyes rolled down to the huge rod of cock-meat throbbing upward toward her face. Tenderly, her finger moved along the pulsing length of his prick. As her fingertips reached the throbbing crown, they lightly teased over the sensitive surface.

Ohhh God, Akka! What you’re doing’ to me? The boy said with a groan as hot lust-filled sensations shot through his loins. The horny Sister gripped her brother’s rock-hard cock-rod at the base with one hand and pulled him forward a bit. Her head bent down, her lips parted, and her moist tongue flicked out and touched the pulsing head of the blood-engorged prick. Ohhh, yeses, Akka, yess! Arun groaned. His cock pulsed and jerked lewdly in his Sister’s gripping fist. Her eyes widened with excitement as she saw a pearly white drop of pre-cum ooze from the slit at the top of her brother’s cock. Her eyes moved back to his for a brief moment, just to make sure that he was watching her every movement. Then, her gaze returned to his prick. Again, she eased forward, her tongue sticking out toward the knobby head of his cock. The tip of her tongue touched his prick-head again, capturing the glistening drop of pre-cum, then curled back into her mouth. Mmmmm, good stuff, she purred while her brother watched her in fascination. She savored the taste of the boy’s cum, just as always.

For the third time her tongue licked out and this time it washed over the entire aching surface of the pulsing cock-head. She bathed it in the moist warmth of her saliva, soaking it with her mouth-juice. Oh, Akka, you’re great, the boy muttered, completely mesmerized by the big-titted blonde kneeling at his feet, her tongue lapping over the head of his hard cock. Her tongue slid down the swollen prick-shaft, then licked back up his length. And, once again, her tongue swirled over the aroused head of his cock. Now and then the teasing tip probed at the little cum-slit, as if she wanted to drill right into it. Her lips puckered. She leaned closer and tenderly kissed the throbbing cock-meat. God, Akka, God! He moaned. His hips jerked forward uncontrollably as he felt his Sister’s hot breath flowing down his cock, arousing him even more- -if that were possible. Her mouth opened wide and wider still. Her lips moved downward, slipping over the head of his prick, then moving even lower. Her head stopped moving when a good half of the meaty cock-rod was inside her mouth.

As she continued to suck her brother’s prick, her tongue kept lashing around and around its thickness. As Lara felt the huge prick jerking crazily inside her mouth, she knew that it was only a matter of seconds before he would come. As she continued to suck him off, Lara cupped his balls and gently squeezed them, moaning with excitement when she felt them jerking slightly at her touch. Ummmmfffff, she moaned, the sound of her pleasure muffled by the meaty cock in her mouth. Ohhhh, yeah, baby, yeah! Keep it up! You’re sucking me off soooo fuckin’ good! Arun groaned. Her lips formed a tight ring around his cock as she began to suck him even harder. And, at the same time, her merciless tongue licked his hot cock-meat over and over again. Her head moved up and down over the wet shining prick easing in and out of her mouth. Higher and higher her mouth rose, her cheeks hollowing deeply as she sucked at his prick with her mouth. And then she sucked her way back down, filling the boy with more fuck-lust and pleasure than he had thought was possible. Unnnhhhhh, he groaned.

Up and down, up and down, she ate him. She sucked and rode his swollen cock lustfully. In and out, in and out, she filled her face with her brother’s throbbing, thick cock-stick. And, over and over, she whipped her tongue around his prick, lashing against him, using her tongue as a whip. Gonna come! Arun cried only seconds later. Lara sucked even harder, turned on beyond belief by her brother’s words. As much as she loved sucking cock, this was the part she always loved the best–when she felt his creamy, hot cum gushing into her mouth. She could hardly wait! Suddenly, gallons of hot white cream jetted from the crown of his prick and splashed obscenely into his Sister’s sucking mouth. Yeaaaaah, commmiiinnnnggggg! Arun cried, trying to keep his voice down so that he wouldn’t awaken his family. But it was hard to think straight at a time like this. His entire body was screaming out with joy and relief as he dumped his load into his Sister’s mouth. The Sister was still sucking him hard.

Ummmmfffff, Lara moaned happily as she felt her brother’s thick cum sliding lewdly down her throat. She struggled to swallow each and every delicious drop of the boy’s goo. His entire body shuddered with abandoned pleasure as he emptied himself into his Sister’s hungry mouth. His cock jerked and twitched, banging against the inner walls of the Sister’s mouth, which was still clamped hungrily about the long shaft. Lara’s nostrils flared as she sucked harder, taking every bit of cum he had to offer. Then her hand made a tight, squeezing fist and slid up and down the fatness of his cock a few times. She milked his prick, getting all the remaining hot cream. Then, all of a sudden Lara came. Her wet pussy spasmed with excitement and her entire body trembled as a thunderous orgasm rocketed through her. Her pussy-hole jetted out thick streams of warm cunt-sauce that overflowed from between her bloated pussylips and trickled lewdly down her trembling thighs. The instant that her orgasm subsided, Lara climbed up on the couch with her brother. He moved his hands to her tits, squeezing her nips and rolling them between his fingers. Then, he bent his head and sucked one large, hard nipple into his mouth, biting it gently with his teeth. Ohhhh, yessss, Arun! The Sister groaned with excitement as she felt herself turning on all over again. Her cunt was slippery with pussy-juice and her clit grew hard again with hot fuck-lust. Her nips were so hard they felt as though they would burst as her brother continued to suck and bite on them. Her already huge tits seemed to expand and grow even larger as he expertly sucked them. Her brother was the best and the young Sister could not wait for him to fuck her!

She reached out and ran her hands down the boy’s hairy chest. She moved her fingers on down to his hard, flat belly, lovingly stroking his warm, naked flesh. Arun turned his Akka to him and pressed her body tightly against his. She felt his still-hard cock pressed wetly against her pussy and she moaned with excitement. That was another thing the sexy Sister loved about making it with her darling brother. No matter how many times he came, his cock rarely got soft. She wound her arms around his back and pulled him even closer to her as she raised her head for his hot tongue-kiss. Lara felt hypnotized. She loved and admired her brother’s style. They both knew that they would soon be fucking wildly, yet he was taking his time with her and she savored every sexual move he made. She enjoyed quick, hot sex once in a while, too, but she usually preferred Arun’s slow, deliberate pace. Her brother never failed to arouse her beyond belief. They kissed over and over, their tongues touching and probing into each other’s mouth. Arun ran his hands through his Sister’s thick, lustrous hair, then cupped her tits again. While he massaged her bursting tits, his Akka reached down and stroked his big cock, feeling it throb lewdly in her hands. Arun shifted his position and pushed his Sister down onto her back. He lay next to her and, propping his head up on his elbow, he traced designs on her tits and belly with his fingers. As usual, the young boy couldn’t get enough of his Sister’s tits. They were the thing that had attracted him to her in the first place a long time ago. He had never seen such huge, firm tits, especially on such a young Sister, and he was still as captivated by them as he had been the first day she had let him see them naked.

Arun caressed Lara’s stiff, throbbing nipples, thinking about all the times he had blasted his jism all over her huge tits, burying her tit-flesh under his hot cum. Over and over he stroked the Sister’s massive tits, delighting in how round and firm they were. Her nips were huge, about the size of his thumb, and he bent forward again, sucking and stroking the rock-hard nubs with his tongue and lips. Ohhhh, yessssssss, his Akka moaned. Oh, yesssss, Arun! Suck my tits! Bite them! Your mouth feels so hot and good! Her cunt was drooling and she felt her clit twitching with excitement. Arun’s tongue set her tits on fire and they hardened and flushed even more under his expert touch. Lara felt her entire body tense and stiffen with a hard, cunt-drooling jolt of pleasure as Arun sucked and bit her tits over and over. You love it when I suck and play with your big tits, don’t you, Akka? The boy panted huskily. Ohhhh, yessss, I love it, Arun! She cried, not ashamed to admit it.

Arun gripped her hard nips between his thumbs and forefingers and squeezed them hard, twisting her throbbing tit-flesh. His Akka clenched her teeth tightly together, stiffening with the thrills of pleasure that shot through her horny young body. Her nips felt crushed and she thrilled to the obscene sensation. She reached down, searching once again for Arun’s huge cock. It felt excitingly rock-hard to her lewd touch and she stroked his cock gently, from his hairy balls to the large, glistening cock-knob. The Sister was rewarded by his erotic moans of pleasure. Mmmmm, yesssss, Akka! Rub my cock! That feels great! Arun groaned. Lara’s entire body felt flushed and hot. She spread her legs as wide as possible, continuing to stroke her brother’s huge cock-rod, hoping that he would ram her cunt with it soon. She honestly didn’t know how much longer she could wait. Her little cunt gushed out gallons of hot pussy juice. It overflowed her pussy and splashed down her thighs and onto the surface of the sofa.

Arun inhaled deeply, savoring the fragrance of his little Sister’s hot cunt-juice. He moved one hand down to her pussy, thrusting his fingers between her puffy cunt-lips. He continued to suck and nibble her gigantic tits. His fingers slipped wetly over her juicy pussy as her pussy-juice drenched his hand. Knowing that the young Sister was so hot for his big cock made him hornier than he had ever been before. He felt his prick stiffening and growing in her hot hands. As she stroked his bursting prick, Lara arched her back, jamming her huge tits into his sucking mouth. She moaned, feeling a hot thrill tearing through her lusting body. She wriggled her shoulders, rubbing her swollen hips against her brother’s teeth. Arun bit gently into her huge nip, biting gradually harder and harder as she seemed to want more and more from his mouth. She moaned loudly and tossed her head back and forth in the heat of her passion. Her pussy was so wet now that Arun’s fingers kept slipping out of it. He knew that she was more than ready for his hard cock. But he somehow wanted this to be the hottest, most fulfilling fuck of her young life and he knew from experience that the longer he delayed it, the better his Akka would enjoy it. Ohhhh, God, Arun, his Akka moaned, jerking her ass up off the couch and thrusting her pussy against his hand. Please fuck me now, Arun! Her voice was hoarse with lust. She couldn’t remember ever being this turned on before and she could barely stand it. I can’t wait any longer, Arun! You’re driving me mad! Please fuck meeeee!

Arun pulled his mouth away from her full, throbbing tits. He jabbed his tongue into her ear and she moaned with pleasure. Then he covered his Sister’s mouth with his own, thrusting his rigid tongue between her lips. His Akka opened her mouth wide and pressed her tongue against his. She sucked loudly and wetly on his hot tongue, pressing her sensuous lips harder and harder against his mouth. Finally Arun shifted his position and climbed on top of his beautiful Sister’s hot, willing body. He felt her huge tits pressed against his hairy chest and his cock grew even harder when he thought of the pleasure awaiting him. Ohhhh, yesssss, Arun, do it! Fuck me! Lara cried wildly. She felt his large cockhead pressing against her and she spread her legs even wider than, as wide as she could, as she wriggled her hips impatiently. She just couldn’t wait for his cock to ram its way up her hot, wet cunt. Yeah, I’m gonna fuck you all right, Akka! Like you’ve never been fucked before! The boy yelled. Slowly and teasingly he fit his huge prick snugly into the wet slit of her tight cunt. Then, he gave a hard, deep thrust which sent his large prick-shaft shooting all the way into his Sister’s sucking pussy.

Yessssss! She hissed. Lara thrust her ass high in the air and drove her tight, wet pussy-hole all the way down the full length of Arun’s throbbing cock. She ground her pelvic bone against her brother’s firm, muscular body, feeling his balls mashing against the lower part of her small cunt. The young Sister had never been this hot before. As her brother began to slowly grind his hips, moving his ass in lewd circles above her, Lara began to pump her cunt up and down on his huge cock, clenching and unclenching her tight cunt-walls as tightly as she could around his thick, hard prick. Yeah, baby, yeah, that’s it! Squeeze my prick with your little pussy! He groaned. Arun could feel the Sister’s huge tits pressing against his muscular chest and it turned him on even more as he continued to pump his cock deeply into her hot, grasping pussy. He tried to slow his fucking movements because he still wanted to fuck her slowly so she would enjoy it all more. But his young Sister wanted none of that. The way she was pumping her cunt up and down on his rigidly fucking cock-pole, he had no choice but to keep pace with her. After all, he told himself, he could hold back only so much.

Again and again, Arun stabbed his prick into her cunt, matching the fucking rhythm of
Lara’s grinding pussy. It was as though the Sister were fucking–even raping–her brother and he loved the lewd sensation. All riiiight, baby! Go! Go! Shake that little ass of yours! Arun hollered. With a groan of lust, Lara pulled Arun’s head down to her bursting tits and he sucked her tits again and again as his cock continued to pound its way in and out of her wildly humping pussy. Her ass shook under the impact of his prick. Her cunt-walls burned and tightened with the hot wet pleasure she felt from his driving prick. He was ramming it in and out, in and out, deeper and harder with each forceful thrust into her pussy-hole. Ohhhhh, Arun, I’m commmmmiiinnngg! The Sister suddenly squealed, grabbing her brother tightly and pressing his hard body against her soft one. She moaned and tossed her young, teenaged body back and forth on the sofa, almost making her brother’s prick slip out of her coming cunt. But he held onto her, scooping his hands under her shaking ass and jerking her hips up toward his prick. He rammed her deeper and harder as she continued to come, clenching and unclenching her powerful cunt-muscles around his steel-hard, pleasure-giving cock-rod.

Ohhhhhhh, God, it feels soooooo fuckin’ gooooood! She cried, thrusting her hips up even higher, shuddering violently, and gasping desperately for air as her climax smashed through her again and again. Ahhhhhh, Arun, commmmiiinnngg! She moaned loud and long. Her hot body thrust and humped upward, driving higher and higher. Her tightly clenching cunt-walls sucked at the boy’s cock, trying desperately to milk it of his hot, thick jizz. She pumped her ass off the sofa, feeling her gigantic tits shaking and bouncing with her every lewd move. Her cunt-walls spasmed and gushed out her hot pussy-juice, filling her cunt and trickling down her firm thighs and splashing onto the sofa between her legs. Oh, God, Arun, fuck me, fuck meeeee! She yelled. It was the most exciting orgasm of her life, long, hard, and shuddering powerful. She didn’t know how her brother could hold back his own cum, but she sensed that he was doing it for her sake, to make her orgasm all the better and it was working. As always she silently thanked him for his thoughtfulness. The young Sister’s long, sharp fingernails clawed her brother’s shoulders and back as she came and came, grinding her pulsating clit up and down along the thick shaft of his hard prick. Arun was about ready to come as he felt his Sister’s orgasm finally easing off. He realized that he had just given her the most exciting climax she had ever had and now he had to get his own rocks off.

He jammed his cock into her cunt, pumping her full of his thick, creamy cum. Burning jets of hot jism blasted into her pussy. She gasped aloud when she felt the hard, hot spurts of cum shooting into her from his cock-head. The creamy spunk burned deeply into her cunt-hole and on into her churning guts. Her cunt walls spasmed violently as her pussy sucked his cum from his jerking prick. She grunted hard as he pounded into her cunt, pumping her full of his hot cum. She slammed her legs flat against the couch, her body flattening under the lewd assault of her brother’s hammering prick. Ahhhh, yeses, Arun, yessss! Fill me full of your cum! I love it! I can feel it! My little pussy’s full of the stuff! More! I want more! She yelled happily, tears of pleasure streaming down her lovely face. As the last of his cum-load shot into Lara’s pussy, Arun dropped his head to her tits and once more nipped her nipples with the edges of his sharp teeth. She jerked at the sudden pain but she loved it and both she and her brother knew it. She held him tightly against her as he continued to thrust his cock deeply into her cunt. She felt completely filled with the boy’s cum and she loved the lewd sensations. Ohhhh, such a good fuck, Arun, his Akka moaned delightedly.

You fucked me so good and hard! Keep on fucking me, Arun! Don’t stop now! And she came again and again, hard and violently as the boy kept on thrusting his still-hard prick in and out of her spasming cunt. His cock twitched and jerked deep in her pussy, which was now sopping wet with an obscene mixture of her pussy-juice and the boy’s cum. Arun’s cock was still hard, even after shooting off all that cum. He continued to pump his prick in and out of the Sister’s drenched pussy, but slower and more gently now. He fucked her slowly, rubbing the length of his prick up and down over her clit, which was still hard and rigid. He could feel her clitty jerking against his cock-meat and he knew that he could make her come again if he wanted to–and he did want to. He continued to slowly pump his hard cock into Lara’s tight, little pussy-hole, rubbing her clit over and over until she came again. Commmmiiinnnnngg! Oh, God, Arun, you made me come again! I can’t stand it! It feels sooooo fuckin’ good! Lara wailed excitedly. Shudders of violent pleasure washed over her as she grabbed his handsome face and kissed him passionately on the lips, finding his hot tongue with hers. Finally, her incestuous orgasm passed over her and she rested, feeling the warm cum oozing from her trembling pussy-lips, which still held her brother’s cock. Any female from 18 to 48 with an appetite for good and free relationship without any commitments from around Bangalore only write to at rama_bhaskar27

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I fucked my sleeping mother Thu, 18 Apr 2013 02:41:00 +0000 I had been masturbating ever since I was a kid. As I grew older I started to fantasize about mother and sister. Whenever I got the opportunity I would sneak into my parent’s bedroom and go through my mother’s closet … Continue reading

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I had been masturbating ever since I was a kid. As I grew older I started to fantasize about mother and sister. Whenever I got the opportunity I would sneak into my parent’s bedroom and go through my mother’s closet to lay my hands on her underclothes. I would then disrobe and put one of her panties. Likewise I would model one of her double D mammoth bras. Then I would pull my lund out and whack off thinking I was fucking my mother’s cunt. I would do with my sister’s panties too. Let me do some describing her. My mother Vimala, then was 38 years old, fair, and has long pitch black hair. Her ass was huge and her boobs magnificently enormous. I would always gawk at her thighs and wonder how her chooth would look like. Did she shave her cunt? If not ,what would her bush look like? What about her gand? Whenever she rolled the wheat attah I would watch her tasteful milk filled breasts jiggle. I would then rush to the bathroom and shag. When my mother or sister were out of the kitchen I would pee in the hot Rasam sitting on the stove ready to be served for dinner. Or I would masturbate and shoot my cum into the rice pot and mix it up. Then while all ate I would relish the sight of these two bitches eating or drinking my cum flavored food. My Sister Sarika is only two years older than me. She was 23 then. She inherited all the sexy looks of my mother and a mirror image of our mother.

I would toss and turn in my bed at night long into the midnight hour just thinking about my sluts and how to screw them. One day I got an idea. I dropped a sleeping pill into her water jug. Right after supper Vimala said she was going to bed as she was VERY sleepy. Soon she was fast asleep. I waited for 15 minutes and walked up to her bed. Her blue silk saree wrapped her body like the wrapper of a milk chocolate toffee. I said “Amma?” She did not budge. Apparently, the pill was working. I lund was getting overheated and stiff. I stepped out of my jeans and tee shirt. My dick was standing at a 90 degrees angle. My palms started perspiring. It was as if I was in another dimension. I was bursting with the excitement if being able to see my mother’s chooth hole. Once again I tried to wake her. She did not respond. Encouraged by that lack of response from the bitch, with both my hands I pulled her saree over her waist. What a heavenly sight it was! Her chooth was covered by a dense growth of black pubic hair. I pushed her thighs apart and knelt down in front of the bitch. Widening her cunt lips with my left hand I slowly inserted my right four fingers into her crack. I saw her clitoris from up close. It was almost the size of a big peanut. I rubbed it. I heard Vimala moan. I turned her on her face and parted her but. Her gaand came into full view. It was smooth and silky. I wondered if she was ever fucked in her gaand. My lund looked like it was 20 feet long. I walked over to her face and shoved it into her velvety mouth. Her juicy lips embraced my glans penis and sent an electric jolt all over my body. I pissed a few drops into her mouth.

Then, I pulled her up into a doggy position and tried to fuck her gaand, but she kept falling off. So I let her lay flat on her stomach and entered her gaand. Like a crazed animal I thrust into Vimala, my slut mother. After a few minutes, I rolled her on to her back. Widening her thighs I positioned my lauda into her fuck hole. I couldn’t believe I was fucking the same vagina that I came out from. What a heavenly privilege! I Spat on her clitoris and sucked on it. The bitch moaned once more. Unable to hold any longer I shot my white creamy load on Vimala’s face. I took my soiled underwear and wiped her face clean. I pissed a few drop on her hairy chooth and pulled her saree down to look normal. An hour later when Vimala woke up she did not suspect anything. More to cum. Email me at praveen

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Roshni my aunt Thu, 18 Apr 2013 02:40:00 +0000 Hi, it’s me Arun again, with yet another experience. Your comments have made me bare all my secrets. Thank you all for the good ratings that you people gave me for my earlier postings. That is an inspiration for me … Continue reading

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Hi, it’s me Arun again, with yet another experience. Your comments have made me bare all my secrets. Thank you all for the good ratings that you people gave me for my earlier postings. That is an inspiration for me to come up with another one. To begin with it, I was 15 and I lived in a village with my Aunt Roshni Roshni, dad and sister. My father was not at home for most part of the day as he used to take care of the land that we owned. He used to go out around 7 in the morning, and would return home after 8 in the evening. So there’s not much of his part in this story. We were not a rich family but we enjoyed a healthy lifestyle. The villagers were kind towards us and they would help us and also each other during times of distress. We had a small piece of land and we had employed a couple of people to take care of it. My Aunt Roshni Roshni was around 36-37 years old and my sister is older to me by 1 year. By talking to friends, or some kind of knowledge, sex was easily propagated. I had known about sex, condoms, sanitary napkins, etc while I might have been 14 or 15. I don’t actually remember the days when I attained puberty, but I sure know that since that day, I started looking at my Aunt Roshni Roshni differently. Every time I and my friends talk about sex, I used to come home and think that it was me and my Aunt Roshni Roshni making love to each other. I fantasized of myself having sex with my Aunt Roshni Roshni, or as if I was watching her when she had sex.

Both ways, it was fun, and sometimes I used to explode my cum like hell. My Aunt Roshni Roshni used to do the household works as we didn’t employ any servant in the home. So I got to see her cleavage many times. She used to wear a saree, and most of the times, her pallu wouldn’t be covering her breasts as it would pass between them onto her shoulders. I liked the view of her breasts poking out through her blouse. And her ass was great, as far as my knowledge goes; my Aunt Roshni Roshni had the best swaying ass I had ever seen. During the days when I attained puberty, I used to wake up with an erect dick, which was a problem for me. My Aunt Roshni Roshni, my sister and me, all shared the same bedroom. Since my Aunt Roshni Roshni was the first to wake up, I am sure she might have seen me sleeping with an erection in my pants. I went straight to my Aunt Roshni Roshni and told her about the erection problem. She smiled sheepishly and said that I had nothing to worry as I was growing up and it was natural, but she told me that the erection would cause me embarrassment if I was among people. That made me more comfortable at home even when I had an erection, but gradually, I learnt about masturbation and I used to satisfy myself whenever I had an erection. My Aunt Roshni Roshni always caused me an erection, either it was her round ass, or her boobs that tried to jump out of her blouse, but I never felt uncomfortable in roaming around my Aunt Roshni Roshni with an erect dick in front of my Aunt Roshni Roshni during my early days.

It then happened that my sister was sent to a college in a nearby city after her 10th grade. So she had to stay in the college hostel there. My dad wanted us to be well educated unlike him or my aunt, so he never hesitated to take any risks. My sister shifted to the city and would come home every weekend. So now I and my Aunt Roshni Roshni were left alone at home. (Of course my dad was at our fields.) During these days, I eyed my Aunt Roshni Roshni more. I never missed an opportunity to see her cleavage or her ass while she swept or mopped the floor. I always wanted my Aunt Roshni to take a look at me whenever I had an erection. Sometimes I even held my dick over my pants as if I was adjusting it right in front of her. Once she gave me a smile when I did that. That encouraged me to do more. I used to roam around her when I got an erection, so that she would notice. And I am sure she’d have noticed it many times. At first she smiled or said nothing, but one day she asked me straight as to why I roam around with the bulge in my knickers and also that I was shameless. I smiled at her and told her that she herself had told me one day that it was normal. She too laughed and told me that even though it was normal, she hadn’t seen anyone roaming around like that almost through out the day. I felt embarrassed, but I told her that I didn’t know what to do when this thing happened (I hoped she would say something), but she kept quiet.

My Aunt Roshni used to take bath in the afternoon those days. She would do all the household work and then take bath. That day she called me while she was in the bathroom and told me to pour another vessel of hot water that she had kept for boiling in our garden. I think most Indians know about the oven made of bricks. Firewood is used to boil water etc. I agreed and took the vessel of hot water to the bathroom. I thought she would keep the bucket outside, but she didn’t. Not finding the bucket at the bathroom door, I pushed the door with my shoulder. My Aunt Roshni was already hiding behind the door and sighed me to pour the water into the bucket. I moved forward and poured the water into the bucket. When I turned to go out, I saw my Aunt Roshni behind the door. I didn’t see her pussy, but I saw the side of her left thigh. The rest of her width was behind the door. She was covering her breast with one hand. I think she was covering her pussy with the other hand. I smiled and walked away. I really wanted to masturbate. I knew that since my Aunt Roshni was taking bath, I had enough time to masturbate in the house. But I was called right back. My Aunt Roshni wanted me to apply soap to her back. I was actually disappointed. I really wanted to masturbate. I went to the bathroom and knocked on the door.

My Aunt Roshni opened it. She was now sitting on the floor with her back towards me her knees touching her boobs, and her folded arms covering her breasts. She smiled at me this time. I already had a hard on. I think she saw it but it didn’t occur to me that I should cover up my hard-on. I was standing there, like a statue, until she called me back to my senses. She told me to apply the soap on her back, and then, I looked at my shorts, with my rod of steel, trying to tear the material of my underwear and shorts together. I felt embarrassed and I suddenly sat behind Aunt Roshni to cover up. I began to apply soap while my Aunt Roshni didn’t say anything. I kept quiet too, but I think she was smiling. I took the soap and started to apply on her back. It felt amazingly soft, and I kept rubbing my palms all over her back. I thought I could slip my hands to touch her boobs, but I didn’t get the courage. I didn’t do anything like that. I told her that I had finished applying soap and cleaning her back. She smiled and told me to go. I simply went out and then it was me and my dick against all the thoughts of normal people. I was jerking off with my Aunt Roshni in my thoughts and I didn’t stay tough for long. I came, and I came so hard that my cum spurted in 5-6 shots, as if it sprinkled from a sprinkler. I then calmed myself and cleaned up the floor before my Aunt Roshni came out of the bathroom.

The next day, we went to our field, just for a formal checking, as we had no work to do at home. I had written 10th grade exams recently and was awaiting the results, so I was free too. That day my father hadn’t taken the lunch with him, so while I was going to him with the lunch, Aunt Roshni told that she would get bored at home and offered to join me. I agreed. We all had lunch at the field and while returning, Aunt Roshni told that she had to pee. Since we were surrounded by fields that were not a big problem. She went to the nearby tree, and went to the other side of it where I could not see her. But that tree had a downhill towards me, and my Aunt Roshni’s piss was flowing on the downhill. I could see it. She finished peeing and came to me. I told her that she definitely drinks a lot of water. She asked me how I came to know. I looked back at the tree, and she too looked. She saw her piss and lightly hit on my shoulder, saying that I was naughty. We reached home. In the evening I went back to the place where she had pissed. I was so mad in lust for her that I went and took the soil in my left hand. The same soil which had soaked in her pee, and I started masturbating right there, under the tree, but was careful that no one could watch me. The soil in my hand felt like my Aunt Roshni Roshni’s own pussy. I was really mad for her.

Nothing really happened for the next few days, until my father decided to go to the city on some work as well as to see my sister. Since my father wasn’t in the village, it was my work to go to the fields early in the morning. There was no work actually. Either I had to sit in a small hut, made of mud for the walls and palm leaves for the roof, which was at a corner of our fields, or I had to go to a small dhaba near the fields where all the guardians of their respective fields would meet and talk various topics. The men at the dhaba were quite old and I didn’t like to be in their company. That’s why I stayed in the hut. My Aunt Roshni came very early with our lunch. She said that she had no other work and was getting bored. We didn’t have to talk much, but I was looking at her curves and was thinking that she would be naked for me. It was getting hotter inside the hut as the day was really hot and it was already afternoon. Since there was no work for us to do, she told me to come home as it was getting hotter inside the hut. But I insisted that I would stay and that she should go home. She tried to persuade me, but I didn’t agree. That’s why she said that she too would stay with me till the evening. I took my shirt off and placed it in a corner. Surprisingly, my Aunt Roshni stood up and began removing her saree. I was stunned and was looking at her. She told that the saree was really uncomfortable as she was sweating. I didn’t say a word, but I kept looking at her. Her bra was not low cut, but I could see the drops of her sweat slowly getting into her cleavage, which was visible, only a bit. I then shifted my eyes and saw that she was looking straight into my eyes. I quickly looked some other side. She then started to dry her neck with the towel she had brought.

I wanted to make good use of this opportunity. After thinking for a long time, I asked her innocently if she was wearing anything inside her blouse.

“Yes, why did you ask me?” she asked with a smile. I answered as if I didn’t know anything, “Then remove your blouse also, I am feeling so suffocated, aren’t you feeling so?”

“In front of you?” she asked

“Yes, I don’t have any problem. If u thinks you have any problem with it, don’t remove”

“Ok”, she said and started unhooking her blouse. I kept staring at her blouse. She suddenly looked at me, she caught me looking at her, but she didn’t say anything. Instead she smiled at me and continued unhooking. Once the hooks were opened, she raised both her arms and pulled her blouse off her arms. As she was pulling her blouse off, I saw her armpits. They were very hairy. I couldn’t take my eyes of it. She paused for a moment and asked me what happened.

“You have a lot of hair, in your armpits”

She laughed loudly, “what so you didn’t know?”

“No”, I said quietly.

“All women have hair in armpits, only thing is that actresses keep it shaved, and most common women don’t.”, she said with a formal look and a smile. All this time, her boobs were held a little high, looked as if they were seeing straight at me, envying my lust. She took her blouse off and wiped the sweat off her armpits with the towel. She raised her right arm fully, again exposing her hairy armpit, and she ran the fingers of her left hand through the hair. While doing so, she asked if I didn’t like her having hair in her armpits. I simply told her that it was fun to see a woman’s armpit hair for the first time. She laughed loudly, and I too joined her laugh. While laughing she adjusted thru cups of her white bra, the White bra was covering her boobs nicely while they were trying to pop out. The sweat under the elastic of the bra clearly showed that she wanted to take her bra off. She then took the towel and wiped under the elastic straps of the bra where sweat was accumulated more. I could see more of her cleavage, and the sweat there. I could see those round globes that I desperately wanted to touch. It resulted in an immediate erection. I tried to hide it, but I was failing. I stood up to walk out of the hut, and as I was going out through the door, my Aunt Roshni called me back.

“I am here because I would be bored at home, now you are leaving me alone in the hut, if you want I will go back home, ok?”

“I thought I heard some sound outside, no need for you to go home, I will be with you only.” I replied. She lay down on the mat inside the hut; I was still sitting beside her. She spread her arms wide, and so, my attention was again pulled by her hairy armpits and full breasts. Seeing a woman with hairy armpits was arousing, while those full breasts were really inviting. She frequently wiped the sweat in her cleavage with the towel. I never missed a chance to see that, even though I knew that she would look at me. It had become something funny there, an Aunt Roshni exposing cleavage to her nephew, and her nephew seeing it with lust. I think she too was beginning to like it. I was having a clear erection in my shorts, and I was unable to hide it. She saw me being uncomfortable.

“What’s the matter with you, why are you restless?” she asked.
“No…Nothing at all aunts”, I said. Then she sat up on the mat and saw straight at the tent formed on my pants. She started laughing, “You got it again you are a shameless guy, aren’t you?”

“Ha? What happened?” I asked as if I wasn’t listening to her earlier. My Aunt Roshni pointed towards my dick with her finger, and I saw my grown-up tent again, letting out an embarrassed smile.

“You told it was not wrong”, I told my Aunt Roshni. I started looking some other way to avoid her penetrating eyes. She just let an audible smile and called me, “See here….”
I then turned to see her as to what she might tell me again or what she wanted me to do.

She was smiling, with her right hand just above the cup of her right breast. She began to lower her right hand slowly. My gaze was fixed right on her breast. I am sure she was looking at my eyes, but I was more interested in her boobs. She was really pulling her right cup slowly, and I was there. Waiting for her to disclose her treasures completely. As she was pulling it down, I waited in anticipation, and then, I saw her areole, I looked at her face, and she was smiling at me even more harder. I again began looking at her breast. Her dark black nipple was in view. I again saw her face, and this time she was smiling with a different expression, lust. Now she pulled off her right cup totally below her right breast. The left side of her bra was displaced just a little. I was so close to her, if I had stretched my hand, I would be touching her breast. As I extended my hand to touch her, she moved back. I didn’t understand why she did that. I stopped and looked at her.

“No touching or anything like that”, she said. I was a little disappointed.

“Stand near that door”, she pointed towards the door of the hut, “See if anyone is coming.”

I was a little disappointed but I knew my Aunt Roshni, this sure wasn’t the end of what had started today. I stood up and went towards the door, the erection clearly visible, but I made no attempts to hide it. I wanted her to see what she had caused me. I went outside, around the hut, to see if anyone was in the fields. There was no one. Then as I entered the hut, my Aunt Roshni told me to stop at the door itself. I stood there, watching her. She too stood up at the corner, right opposite me, smiled, and reached her back wit her hands. I didn’t know why she was doing this, with her right breast still exposed. I too smiled at her. She then simply began removing her bra, and suddenly, her left breast too was open to the air. She took off her bra from her hands as if nothing was happening. I noticed that my smile had already stopped and my mouth was open. She stood there holding the bra in her right hand. Then she stood there as a statue for a few moments seeing my own Aunt Roshni with her top, nude. Her boobs had a light slag, but that’s how I liked it, and it was a dream come true for me, I was looking at my Aunt Roshni’s nude breasts, directly, without hiding or spying, and that too with her consent. I was standing right there, as if I was struck by lightening. She walked towards me, but without touching me, she walked straight out of the hut. I was so fooled by her move, but I walked behind her. She too walked around the hut once. The crops were tall enough that even if someone saw her, they wouldn’t know she was nude on her boobs.

“It feels so nice in the sun, especially when these are covered in a blouse and a bra, always.” she said and began rubbing her breasts like a porn star. Since I was behind her, all I wanted to do was to make her bend, lift her skirt, move her panty a little, and start fucking her madly like a dog, breaking all the gates of humanity, a nephew fucking a Aunt. I was becoming mad with every passing moment the world around us had stopped for some time. All I wanted to do is fuck her, fuck my own Aunt. And here she was, walking half naked, playing with her boobs, in the presence of her nephew. What in the world could be more exciting than it? She entered the hut again, and I followed her.

“Wasn’t it fun?” she asked me.

“It was”, I said, because I didn’t have words to say how I felt.

“My God, look at that thing, how can you control yourself with such think in your pants for so long time?”

“You are doing it aunt….I am not able to control it a bit”, I said.

“And you sure kept controlling yourself for a long time”, she smiled, and I nodded as if to say YES.

“Ohh Arun, you are so good to me. Come here”

I just walked to her.

“Will you show me that thing?” she asked me straight, looking at my dick. I didn’t say anything but I nodded my head again.

“OK, let me see it. Come here, remove your pants and sleep on the mat.”
I removed my pants and I lay down on the mat in my briefs, my erection speaking for itself about its degree of arousal. My Aunt Roshni knelt beside me and pulled down my briefs too, making me totally nude. I just laughed in anticipation, not knowing what my Aunt Roshni would do to me next. She sighed out loudly “You have a big thing for your age honey.”

She held my dick in her right hand, and with her left hand, she spread my legs a little. Then she shifted herself in between my legs. I closed my eyes since I thought I couldn’t see more. I was so aroused. Then my Aunt played with my foreskin. She moved her hand up and down a couple of times as if she was giving me a hand job. Then she stopped. I opened my eyes. I raised my body a little using my elbows. I saw Aunt Roshni on her knees, moving a couple of steps back, and bending over my dick to kiss on my stomach. As she bent, I could see her glorious boobs hanging from her body, just like two ripe mangoes. I couldn’t even touch them as my upper body was being balanced by my elbows. These she smiled at me and held my dick with her left hand. With her right hand she held her right nipple and lowered herself so that her right nipple would touch the tip of my dick. She held her nipple and my dick in place. Then she drew small circles on the tip of my dick with her nipple. This sent a tingling sensation in my body. She did the same thing with her left nipple too. I thought I would cum soon, but she stopped. I then saw her take both nipples to her mouth, but she couldn’t take them into her mouth. So she licked her own nipples with her tongue and made an expression that she didn’t like the taste.

“Feels nice no?” she asked me

“Really nice, will you take it in your mouth aunt?” I asked her. She looked stunned for a moment, and I was experiencing my ultimate fantasy.

“Who told you that they take it into mouth?” she asked, smiling at me, as if I didn’t know what sex actually is. While talking, she was moving her hand up and down my dick as if she was giving me a hand job. I didn’t even have time to think as I came right in front of her, spurting my semen all over her boobs and neck, in full power. She was stunned for a moment as she didn’t expect me to cum and that too all over her breasts and neck. I lay back as I couldn’t handle it anymore and I closed my eyes as I was experiencing pleasure. I just heard her talk.

“Have you ever got your juice out as I got it today?” she asked me, and I had no answer.

She was smiling all this time, may be because she knew that teasing a virgin would be fun. A virgin, whose dick doesn’t care if the boobs and vagina are of his own aunt at the least. She milked the last drop of my semen from my dick but she didn’t lick it at all. She wiped her boobs and neck with the towel and then wiped my dick too. All this happened in so short time, that I hadn’t even opened my eyes after my orgasm. I knew that my dick had grown limp and I wanted to take rest. I really felt that I had enough since the afternoon and I thought I needed to rest. I don’t know how my Aunt Roshni controlled herself, but she stood up. I was still lying on the floor and I was looking at my Aunt Roshni now. I was smiling with satisfaction.

“See that shine on your face, seems you liked it” she said, smiling at me.

“I loved it aunt and I love it when you smile while doing these things to me. I think you liked teasing me, walking around the hut half naked, removing the blouse and wiping sweat under the bra straps, all those things, u already knew how I was feeling when you did that, didn’t you ?” I asked.

“I am not done yet.”

“This is my first time aunt…I didn’t know anything about your boobs or your hairy armpits, or the way you played with my dick.”

All my Aunt Roshni did was that she smiled at me. I sat up, leaning against the wall of the hut, with my legs stretched wide, and my limp dick in between my legs. My Aunt Roshni walked straight to me and stood in front of me. My face was at the level of her pussy, but of-course she was still wearing her skirt. Her hands were working their way to untie the skirt and even before I realized it, the skirt fell down to the floor in a second. Her fair thighs right in front of my eyes, and I didn’t bother about them as both her thumbs went to her sides inside her white cotton panties as she looked to pull it down. I was dumbstruck when she didn’t pull her panties down but waited for something. I am sure she must have been looking at me, but then I just inserted both my hands in the waistband of her panties and pulled it down to her ankles in one single move. She didn’t even move, and I saw a dark patch of hair, right in front of my eyes. I didn’t know what to do. I could smell her juices. I began playing my fingers in her pubic hair as she stepped out of her panties. She spread her legs a little and then she held my right hand and led it to her pussy. I could feel her wetness. Even though this was my first time that I was touching a pussy, I didn’t take my hand out as soon as I felt the wetness. I kept caressing her pussy nicely, trying to find her hole. As soon as I found it, I digged my finger in. I started finger fucking her. Then I inserted two fingers. My Aunt Roshni had her legs spread a little wider and her eyes closed. She let out a few moans, showing that she was enjoying it. I could feel her pussy lips trying to grip on my fingers. Her pussy was pulsating. Whenever her pussy lips gripped my fingers tight, I used to pull my fingers out of her pussy. And when she left loose, I would ram her pussy with my fingers.

I was finger fucking her in a rhythm and she began to moan rhythmically. I don’t know why, but I too began to moan when I was finger fucking her. Her wetness was all over my arm and her thighs. I stood up in front of her, my dick as hard as steel again. I stopped fingering her and brought my right hand near her mouth. I placed my left hand on her ass and I was pressing her asshole with my fingers to keep her excited. I didn’t finger her ass but I kept pressing her asshole. She opened her eyes to see her own juices glistening on her nephew’s fingers right in front of her eyes. I took one finger into my mouth and licked it all dry. Her juices were salty, but the feeling that it was my own Aunt Roshni’s juice made it really sweet. My Aunt Roshni looked at me in amazement when I offered her the other finger on which her juices were glistening. She hesitated for moment but then licked my finger with her eyes closed. She made an expression as if she didn’t like the salty taste, but she didn’t let go of my finger before licking it dry. Her hot tongue rolling all over my finger made me excited. I wanted this to happen to my dick, but I knew that I had to be slow.

Again I took my right hand to her pussy, inserted two of my fingers, fingered her for a few seconds and brought the fingers right in front of her face again. When she brought her tongue close enough to lick my fingers, I didn’t let her do so. I applied her juices to the tip of my tongue and waited for her to lick my tongue. Without hesitation she came forward to lick my tongue and we ended up in a long passionate kiss. While kissing, I mad her lay down on the floor. After kissing, I moved her legs apart and got in between her legs. Without thinking of anything else, I stuck my tongue in my Aunt Roshni’s hairy pussy. The hair of her pussy was just stimulating. Licking all her hair, making way with my tongue to her damp pussy felt great. It was still pulsating. The salty juices got all over my face, but slowly the salty taste began to feel like something sweet. I thought I could have licked that sweet pussy for hours. I even tried to tongue fuck her for the fun of doing so. My Aunt Roshni was moaning out aloud, but there was nothing to fear as no one was close to our hut. My Aunt was playing with the hair on my head and was forcing my face onto her pussy. Then she asked me to lay on her.

“I can’t take it anymore, fuck me now. Fuck your aunt. Fuck me or I think I will die. I want you. Come up and lay on me.”

I didn’t wait for anything else. I moved onto her body, positioned my dick right in front of her hairy hole, held my dick with my hand and played it once in her fur, rubbed it once in between her pussy lips all over, and then, moved my hips back, to shoot my dick inside her pussy. Two slow pushes and it was in. Then I lay on my Aunt, fucking her slowly, until the rhythm matched. Her moans and my groans and our fucking matched slowly. As I started to go faster, my Aunt Roshni began to talk.

“Fuck your Aunt hard, still hard. She is a bitch. She wants to get fucked from her own nephew. Fuck this Randi hard.”

I somehow liked the way my Aunt talked here.

“Yes you are a Randi, you fuck my uncle, and now you fuck me how many cocks do you want.” I screamed. We screamed like mad people ”Aaaaaahhhhhhh harder, still harder, get in deep inside your Aunt , come on.”

“Take it bitch, take it”

As I fucked her hard, her back arched, she raised her hips higher, and her pussy held tight over my dick. She had her orgasm. She pressed my dick so hard with her pussy that it actually pained me. But that was enough for me too. Within two three shots after that, I came like thunder, groaning out loud, cumming all in her pussy. I was moving my hips even after I felt that I came in loads. Both our bodies wet in the sweat. We were actually sticky now, our skin so sweaty. My limp dick came out of her pulsating pussy. I moved aside and lay beside her on her left side. Completely satisfied, tired, and sweating. I was panting for breath and so was my Aunt. Suddenly my Aunt bit he a little hard on my chest.

“You called me a Randi….is your aunt a Randi?” she was smiling.

“No aunt, actually I liked what you said. That’s why I continued it. You are not Randi. You are my Aunt Roshni. My sweet pussy Aunt Roshni.”

I said and I rolled on to my right onto her milky white, sweaty boobs for the first time. Applying all the cum on my dick to her outer left thigh. I began sucking her left boob, salty with her sweat. Playing with my tongue all around, looking at my Aunt Roshni’s face time to time, smiling. I then shifted to her right breast and played with it. I even licked my Aunt’s hairy armpits. My Aunt was tired, and so was I. We slept right there, me beside my Aunt, with my head on her boobs. We woke up at 7 o clock that evening, realizing that we had not bothered to close the door of the hut while we did all this. The door was still open. We then dressed up, and made a move towards our home. Of-course while dressing up, we had some fun, but my dream of a blowjob from my Aunt Roshni still remained a dream. But not for too long. I will narrate that superb experience once you all give me your comments and encourage me to write more. Any female from 18 to 48 with an appetite for good and free relationship without any commitments from around Bangalore only write to at rama_bhaskar27

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Geetha my aunt Thu, 18 Apr 2013 02:40:00 +0000 Hi, it’s me Arun again, with yet another experience. This story is me and my aunty First of all I want to tell you about my aunty, her name was Geetha. She was 20 years older to me and really … Continue reading

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Hi, it’s me Arun again, with yet another experience. This story is me and my aunty First of all I want to tell you about my aunty, her name was Geetha. She was 20 years older to me and really a sexiest girl with a 36 26 36 figure. She is very sexy, beautiful, cheerful and nice lady; she was very frank with me and used to spend time with me. She is living alone at home. One day she asks me to bring a novel for her. I gave her some sexy novels and Magazines and come in home. Next day I go there my uncle was out of city. I ask her r u read the novel? She is shy. I ask her r u like novel. She asks me yes. Now I ask her can u see xxx movies. She asks me yes, I bring a xxx movie. Now I put movie in vcd and I go her bed then we watching the movie & we lay in each other arms. After laying in each other arms for 10 minutes, I put my hands on her boobs &I put my lips on her lips. Her tongue in my mouth &. She was French kissed me.

She was wearing a pink nighty under black brazier & black panty. I started kissing on her lips, her neck, face, like mad me, moving my hands on her boobs. Ummmmm, it was great feeling for me. Open her nighty & I removed her brazier with my teeth and then she turned her back on me to remove her brazier from behind I opened her brazier pins and removed it completely, I kissed on her back and she turned around her big boobs with pink nipples were facing me and asking me to suck them so I did I suck them and I felt her nipples getting hard by the touch of my tongue, I cut her nipple Ummmmm ooooo she is cry, I kissed her on her boobs, and moving my hand down her chest belly. She caught my Lund (cock), she closed her eyes and gave me a huge hug, pressing my chest against her bare bobbin felt her hard nipples against my chest & I moved down and started licking her belly button and started rubbing her between her thighs. She pressed her legs together. She was so wet. I started rubbing her pussy with my palm over her wet panties. And she moaned oh yes. I said I love you dear. I removed her panties. She had a pink pussy. It was shaved clean and smelled so fresh.

I slide one finger inside and moved it gently. I was dying to suck her. So I placed my mouth and started sucking her. I slide my tongue inside her cunt and started moving it. She started moaning with pleasure oh yeah. Suck it dear lick my pussy I love the way u suck me. Her moaning was driving me crazy. I started licking and sucking her fast. My tongue moving in circles in her pussy. She was going crazy oh God ohhhh. My cock was very hard now and was craving for her pussy. I said I want to fuck u now. She said Yes honey put that big hard cock into my pussy and fuck me hard pleaseee mujay choodo (please fuck me) apna lund meri choot mein dalo (put your cock in my pussy). Now I take my cock on her choot (pussy), my tongue in her mouth I kissssss her & I rub her choot (pussy) with my land(cock).She ask me pleaseeeeeeeeee put yours land (cock) in my choot(pussy)pleaseeeeeeeeee. Now she was out of control, she asked me to fuck her quickly, and to give all my land (cock) to her choot (pussy). I put her legs take on my shoulder and put in my land(cock)in her choot (pussy), with a strong thrust and it was very tight, I rubbed my cock with her pussy and tried to enter her with a push and she told me” zara aram say dalo bohat dard ho raha hai” then I again pushed I had to thrust even harder to enter her pussy, she was screaming loudly, ohhhhh, hannnn uuum aahhhhh meri choot phar do, hannn, zooooooor say, aurrrrr zooooooooooorrrrr say aahhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhh ummmmmmm zooooooooooooor say choodo na Ummmmm aaaaaahhhhh ohhhh phar do meri choot ummmmbohat oooooo.

Uhhhh ummmm,,zoor zoor, say kero na uhhhhhh her eyes were close she was crying with joy please poora land under kero zoooor say Ummmmm meri choot phar dalo uhhhhhhh ummmohhhhh.

Then I said, Geetha dear I want to fuck you doggy style, she said “any way you want my love”, then she turned around she fold her legs and lifted her ass in air, kept her head on pillow and said “fuck me, fuck the shit out of me”, I entered my lund from behind and I told her to hand me a bottle of oil and she did, I applied more oil on my lund and plugged back in her pussy, then I made my two fingers oily and started to apply oil on her asshole, she started moaning and said “You are the best fucker in whole world” then I plugged one of my finger in her ass, and I entered my land(cock) in her choot(pussy) again and gave her some slow jerks after about ten strokes her pussy was all ripped apart now she was feeling pleasure “APNA pura lund mere ander daldo bohat maza a raha hai thora or zoor sai or zoor sai” she told me that she is going to cum and please be fast when at last I become so crazy and move fast she was moaning in a very loud voice aaaahhhhhhh pleaseeeeee aaaaaaahh aaaaaaaahhaaaahhah and she had longer than last organism.

After a while she said “Arun dear Fuck me hard I feel so good keep fucking me. Fuck me like a bitch. Oh god I feel so good. Spank my ass. Fuck me good. Her words were driving me crazy. I was fucking her so hard now. I started spanking her ass and pulling her hair and this bitch was really enjoying it. I felt like fucking her forever. She was getting very loud oh god uhhhhh ooooooo I am cumming oh yeah. Arun keep fucking me don’t stop.uhhhhhh ummm uffffffff I was also reaching my climax. I said oh dear I am gonna Cum I love fucking you. She said cum in my pussy shoot your load in my pussy darling please I want to feel you wet cum inside me. She was moaning in a very loud voice aaaahhhhhhh pleaseeeeee aaaaahaaaahhah. Her pussy muscles were gripping hard on my cock. My cock was pulsating now. I shot my big load of cum inside her. She cum in no time her pussy was all wet to my cum We then lay there for a while. That night I fucked her 3 times. It was the most memorable sex of my life. Ladies with big boobs from Bangalore only write to at rama_bha

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Cum for my aunty and she did for me Thu, 18 Apr 2013 02:39:00 +0000 I’m a regular reader of these stories for the last some years. I never gave a serious thought to any of the story by thinking if these r real or not. But some time back an incident took place with … Continue reading

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I’m a regular reader of these stories for the last some years. I never gave a serious thought to any of the story by thinking if these r real or not. But some time back an incident took place with me, from then on I’ve started to think all about the nature of these stories/Incidents. I would like to receive all ur opinions about this story of mine at Now let’s go on with the incident. I’m a guy of 27, 5’11”, athletic built & living in Kerala. We got plenty of our relatives who lives in Kerala itself & I visit them almost in a period of time. Once I went to my Uncle’s (Dad’s only bro.) house for 15 days as I got some annual leave which I had to take or those will be gone. So I decided to visit some of my relatives in that time. So I went to their house & they gave me a warm welcome. My Uncle got 2 kids, 1 boy, Rajiv (5yrs) & 1 girl, Isha (3) in school. My uncle is a Govt. Employee & he leaves for office at 8:00 in the morning & by 10:30 all the kids also gone to their school & they return around 6:30 to 7:00 after their tuitions. Uncle gets back around 8:30 in the night.

So it’s only me & my aunt who stays alone for the whole day. I’ve stared to enjoy my time with computer & net by surfing & reading Kerala Erotica stories But trust me friends I never felt any thing sexual or horny for my aunt. Her name is Narmada, around 25-26 yrs old, good average looking, got a good average figure (36-??-38) But got a flat tummy, fair complexion & got a very wild & seductive pair of eyes. I believe she can talk with her eyes. Any way lets get to the incident. As every 1 of the family go away Daily for their job & school, she used to get bored for the day & now as I’m here she always tries to keep me with her for chatting & we crack a number of decent/non-veg jokes & sms also. We got so much friendlier in a day & I was watching that in the night after every 1 got back to home she again got into her shell. I got the point that she is a fun loving lady & as like other Bengali housewives she is careful about her appearance to her hubby & family. My mind started to get dirty from that night it self & I thought to give it a try from tomorrow itself. I got a hand job done that night at the bathroom & went to sleep around 2:30 in the morning.

Narmada aunty woke me up around 11:00 on the morning, & I saw that aunty was bent forward & calling me by shaking my body. I opened my eyes & saw she was in her saree, & the pallu went down a little & her deep cleavage is clearly visible. As it was winter, I just woke up my penis was stiff & standing up. I was about to remove my blanket to go for a piss, but suddenly I thought of an idea. Narmada aunty was standing there with the cup of tea & she was waiting for me to take the tea cup from her hand. She was having a glow in her eyes. I made a very pampering attitude by asking her to look other side & I was acting if I’m feeling very shy. She got suspicious & was asking me the reason. I just kept saying her that ‘plz aunty, it got very bad’ she asked, ‘what got bad??’ & then I just removed the blanket. She looked at my stiff cock & was a bit surprise by the scene as I was only wearing a thin material short. She looked at it for a moment & suddenly started to laugh & I too joined in the laughter shyly. She gave me the tea & told me that she will be waiting for me at the dining table. As I reached at the table after taking my morning shower, aunty told me that, ‘it’s already late for breakfast & as I got no other household work to do lets the lunch & I wanna sleep.’ I said ok aunty & I told her that I was still feeling sleepy so it’s a very good idea. We had lunch & had a good gossip on other relatives. We finished the lunch & came to aunt’s room as our gossip continued. Aunty lay down on the bed & asked me to sit there. We were talking about a lot of things & then aunty raise the morning topic of my stiffness. Again we had a good laugh on that & aunty said that u surely grown up dear. & she asked me if I want to sleep on the same bed. I agreed & she asked me to shut the windows as she can’t sleep in light. Aunty switched on the bed lamp; she unfolded the blanket & spread it on the bed & laid inside the blanket. She asked me to switch off the light & get in to bed. I put off the light & got inside the blanket. Aunty asked me to wake her up at 4:00 pm as she has to water the garden. I said ok & we went to sleep.

As I woke up late, there is no sign of my sleepiness. So I thought to take a step forward to please my sweet aunty. I laid there for around half an hour, aunty was sleeping on her back facing the ceiling. Then I changed my side & kept my right leg on her thighs, my right hand on her belly which was covered with the saare pallu. I buried my face in her neck making her my side pillow. She didn’t moved or reacted on that. I kept my hand there for some time & slowly crawled my hand upward & touched her left boob lightly. It was so soft that I wanted to touch the squeeze both of it wildly. But I kept control on my desire as didn’t wanted to ruin the situation. Again after some time I crawled the hand a little upward & got half of aunt’s wonderful left boob. My heart started to beat fast & I was ‘being a wild erection. I didn’t made any move further & stayed like that. Suddenly the table clock started to rang aunty moved in a surprising way & I got motionless & couldn’t get my hand moved from her boob; so, kept myself as I’m sleeping. Aunty woke up & felt my hand on her. She slowly moved my hand carefully & kept it on the pillow. I got the idea that she wasn’t mad at me or may be she didn’t gave it any attention. After aunty left the room, I saw that it was 4:10 pm & I remembered of her watering of garden. I slept there it & aunty woke me up around 6:00 pm. We had tea & we stated to watch TV. Then the rest of the family came home at their scheduled time. Then at 10:00 pm we went to have our dinner.

Uncle told us at the dinner table that he has to go to Delhi for a official job & he will be returning after 6 days. By hearing this Rajiv & Isha started to plead uncle that they also want to go with him. Uncle refused by saying that ur brother is here & he’ll feel alone. By hearing this I replied that no probs from me, because I was planning to go to our native village at Nadia; if Rajiv & Isha want to go with Uncle then it would be nice with me if aunty comes with me to see granny. Uncle thought for some moment & looked at aunty. Aunty replied that the school will be missed for 6 days. Uncle told that it’s not a big loss that Rajiv & Isha can’t manage. Rajiv & Isha said that they can manage it easily. Then aunty replied roughly, what I can do if ur father wants to spoil ur valuable time of study. Then aunty told Rajiv & Isha t pack there books alone with the luggage. They laughed with joy & uncle asked me if I need any money. I replied in negative. After dinned we went to bed. The next day I went with Rajiv & Isha to their school to submit the leave application & we all spent the whole day together & did the packing. Uncle came home early & we had a special dinner that night. We went to bed that day a bit early.

The flight was at 5:30 in the evening & we all planed me & aunty will go to our native place on the very next day & will return 1 day before uncle returns. We went to see off them & returned after the flight took off. We came back to home & bought some food as aunty told that for 2 of us we don’t have to cook. Around 11:00 pm uncle called & confirmed that uncle & kids got settled in the hotel well. We greeted with good-night. We already had our dinner & was talking about to our native & granny. We were talking in aunt’s bed room. It was already 12:30 in the night & in winter night’s r more coldly than the day. Aunty went inside the blanket & was talking to me from there. I was sited on the verge of the bed. Aunty asked me if I want to sleep there tonight. I said ok & I got in to my sleeping short & took off my T-shirt (I never can sleep with any T-shirt or inner ware). I got into bed & aunty put off the light switch. We chatted for some more time & we went to sleep. My heart was overjoyed by the situation & I was thanking god for the moment. I was also planning how to cancel the native trip. I thought of an idea to make an excuse of my appendicitis. After a long time it seems that I wasn’t feeling sleepy.

I thought of hugging aunty as I did on that afternoon. I cozily raised my right leg on aunt’s leg & my right hand on the her belly. I felt that aunt’s pallu was lowered as many Indian women does when they sleeps in saare. Aunty was sleeping on the same way & I did the same thing as I did last time. After touching the soft & sexy bare belly of Narmada aunty I remained like that for some time. Then I again changed my position & placed my hand a little above & got a close that my bare tummy was touching aunt’s warm & smooth belly partially. It was feeling heavenly. Then after I came to know that my penis has turned in to a hard dick & its pressing aunt’s thigh from over her saare. Now suddenly aunty changed her side & faced towards mine. My face partially got buried in her soft & warm cleavage. It was a wonder feeling as this is the first time I got chance to touch a woman’s breast so closely. I was feeling to go wild but was afraid. I suddenly wanted go desperate; as I was thinking that if I try to make aunty a bit horny then I might a chance to loose my virginity tonight.

I remained like that for some time motionless & was pressing my face bit by bit deep inside the heavenly fruits (boobs). After some time I started to make a little movement as we people do in sleep. After some time aunty moved my face away, I got a bit scared & remained motionless as I was sleeping. Aunty scratched her cleavage for some time & then grabbed my head like a pillow & hugged; she pressed my head 2 time a little & got adjusted. After she got motionless I felt her cleavage got a bigger. Then slowly I felt that she opened 2 or 3 hooks of her blouse & her hard nipple is poking on my lips. I got a bit scared by thinking that she may done it in her sleep & now if I suck it then she’ll wake up & I may loose my respect & trust from her. Suddenly I lost my hard on & my dick turned in to a little penis again. I thought of retreat. Then after some time I got a bit sensation from the soft boob & the hard nipple. The softness of Narmada aunt’s breasts made me wild again. I gained a bit courage & parted my lips a bit. The nipple touched & pressed my teeth. I opened my teeth & the nipple ran in my mouth quickly. I remained like that for some time & then I touched the nipple with the tip of my tongue. It felt some taste which is indescribable by any human language. I got a bit desperate & I sucked the nipple for a single time. Wow some feeling man. If this is ‘Sexual’ than no doubt why Vatsayana told it a ritual of heaven. Suddenly after I sucked the nipple for a time Narmada aunty moved a little with a light moan & she moved her hands around my head & pressed my face against her boobs. With aunt’s pressing the whole aerosol got in to my mouth & gave it another during that movement, she continued her moan & this time she hugged me more tightly. She is now trying to press her face on my hade & felt her breathing got faster & I could feel her hot breath on my head. I got the message that she is getting hot by my sucking. I stopped sucking for a moment & she got cool again. I got assured that she is in sleep I’m sure that I can seduce her to the fullest by this way & then I may get my heavenly reward.

After she got cool I again started to suck the nipple softly but with a faster pace. After some moment her legs r started to move & this time she raised her left leg on my bare right thigh. She started to move her leg up & down slowly & by this her saare got a bit lift up & her soft & silky thigh was touching my thigh. My hardened stiff dick was touching her right leg. I kept on sucking & Narmada aunty stated to move & hug my head again. Her moans got more lengthy but soft. She was now dragging me on her & she was trying to change her position by lying on her back. she couldn’t took me on her fully but she took my head & half of my body. I kept on sucking her nipple & then after some time I changed on to the other nipple. Now slowly my sucking got a bit wilder & now I grabbed her left breast with my right hand & was sucking her right breast’s nipple. Then after some time I moved my right hand from her boob & was moving it on her belly & was teasing her deep navel. I inserted my finger into the navel & was scratching her belly a little. She moaning a bit older now & suddenly I heard ‘ohh kranthi’. I got a bit happy that she is awake & she wants it. I told her, ‘aunty plz put-off ur blouse’. She grabbed my hair, pulled my ear to her mouth & licked my ear like a lioness & told me, ‘call me Narmada & u do it urself.’ I rolled her & opened the rest of the hooks & took off her blouse. Then I started licking her navel & I was pulling the saare to take it off from her. I undid the saari & the untied the petticoat’s string.

I ran my leg down by hooking it to my toe finger & with this last piece of her dress I made my sweet Narmada totally naked. Then I started to love her by touching her with my right hand moving it around every inch of her lovely body. Then I started to kiss her like mad & wild. She was moving like a ‘fish without water’ in the blanket. She was raising her crotch & closing her legs to get a little molested feeling on her clit. Then I started to lick her & suck her body. 1st I licked her neck, her ears, her shoulder, her cleavage, her breasts, her nipples, her upper belly, then slowly dragging my tongue in a right & left way to her navel, I sucked her navel madly like I’m doing pumping her navel hole like a vagina, then I went down by licking & sucking her side thighs & then her toes, toe fingers, then again moving up from her inner part of the thighs by the same way by licking & sucking, then I stopped just at the start of her pubic hairs. I moved my lips all over the little trimmed hairy portioned area sniffing her female aroma of her sweet vagina. I gave a light kiss over her pussy. She moaned like aaaaahhhhhhhhh avi mmmmmm. I then gave another kiss to her pussy but with a little more pressure this time. Suddenly she got mad & grabbed my head by my hair with her right hand & pushed my face in to her pussy. I felt the lubricating love juice which was the cause of her wet pussy lips. I licked her pussy from down to up with the tip of my tongue. She raised her hip with my licking. Then I it a quick suck, & then I started to suck her pussy with a loud moan & humming sound which creates a vibrating effect & she just sounded ooooooohhhhhhh aaakranthiiiiiiii uuuuuuuhhhhh aaarrrrrrr niceeeeeeee (oh kranthi u r nice), dhooooooo it dearrrrrr (do it dear). She started to rise her hip so powerfully like she was giving thrust in the air. I ask her switch on the bed side table lamp which creates a little light but enough for a nice love making atmosphere. She did it & lift up the blanket & saw Aunt’s face; she had closed her eyes half & was making the moans. She was looking damn hot & sexy. I sucked her by inserting my tongue for some time & she calmed by pressing my head fully.

She stopped moving by laying motionless for some time. I stood there lying my head on her thighs touching my lips on her pussy. She hold my head lovingly & moved it out of the blanket. She gave a deep look in to eyes & told, ‘u really grown up into a nice & hot guy. U really made me mad with ur love my dear. Now it’s my turn to return u the favor.’ She laid me on my back & started to kiss me passionately. We played with each others tongue & saliva for some time & she made a wild & quick move to my nipples. She kissed sucked & bitted nipples. I said ohhhhh Narmada aunty eat me. She replied, ‘I’ll make u feel that u never felt dear.’ She then got down by kissing my chest, navel & she kissed my dick from over the short. Aunty pulled my short like a ‘wild lioness pounce on the antelope.’ She made me naked in such a way that the blanket also moved away from both of ours body. There was feeling of winter, only the heat of the wildly passion ran by the instinct of ours. Aunty looked at my 6 inch hard dick pointing towards the ceiling. She didn’t touched it 1st. she gave a rub on my dick & my balls with her lips & face. It felt like then she took out her tongue & gave it a passionate wild lick from bottom to tip of the dick which I’ll never forget in my entire life.

Then she took the dick in her mouth wildly & she gave a blasting hot & sexy look at my eyes. I got more aroused by that look & raised my hand & grabbed her by her hair & pushed her more towards my dick. She then began to suck my dick in a back & fro movement. I moved my hip in pleasure. She continued sucking my dick like an ice-cream passionately. I couldn’t control myself to get into her love-hole, so I pulled her up by holing her hairs. She came on me with a little scream & moan. I made her lay on her back & came on top of her quick & wild way. Without a word she grabbed my cock by her right hand & guided it to her pussy. I was mad at that time with the passion of sex. I made a thrust & it went inside fully as the pussy was dripping with her love juice. She made a loud scream & hugged me with both her hands tightly. I stopped for a moment. Then I started to pump her in a soft & slow manner. I continued for some time with that pace & she was also started to enjoy the thrusts of mine. Then she started to move her hands towards my ass & she stopped her hands by grabbing my ass. As I was thrusting her pussy she was moving her hands with my ass with a more passion & grab. I understood & increased my pace. I was kissing her with passion, licking her necks, earlobes, her nipples & I was sniffing her armpit aroma & it really made me wilder & I could feel that I was fucking her like an animal. She was screaming & moaning loud & was saying like “oooooooohhhhh kranthiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii yeesssss sssssaaaa uhhhhhhh.” I was thrusting him with a gr8 speed & then she removed her hands & grabbed my back quick & hard. Suddenly she made a long scream & pinched her 10 fingers along with the nails on my back & dragged them from my upper back towards down. She was ‘being her orgasm. She screamed long loudly & had her orgasm.

She laid there motionless for some second & asked me to move away from her. I was disappointed, but in a surprising way she pushed me on my back & laid me on bed. She spread her leg on top of me like a XXX movie actress & sat on me. She grabbed my dick & adjusted it to her pussy & sat on it by taking my cock in her pussy. She began to rock me like anything. Her way of fucking was dragging me more towards my orgasm. She made her moan loud & she was doing it for like 12 to 15 minutes. The told me that she is cumming again, even I couldn’t hold my cum any longer & came towards my orgasm. And in some second she screamed like before & jerked herself & had her 2nd orgasm & in a few seconds of that I also had my 1st ‘Live Sex’ orgasm which felt more than just great. She feel on me and I rolled on top of her & laid motionless, both of us were drenched with sweat even in this winter. I withdraw my manhood from her love hole & got the blanket back on us. Aunty gave me a passionate long kiss & we hugged each other tight & with passion. We made love again 2 times on that night with some adventurous different poses.

We canceled the trip to our native & aunty made an excuse by telling uncle that she is ill. We enjoyed those days like anything. We had all of our adventures, some she couldn’t fulfill with her husband & some me never known of. At the end of the those days I still remember how aunty accused me for her paining pussy & I accused her for my paining dick. We continued that relation for another 2 years & the she asked me to stop as we may get caught as we used to take great risks to get alone. & I also understood her problem. Later on uncle got transferred to a remote village branch & we lost contact in the gap of time everything lost with the passing wave of time, only the memories remains for us to remember the times!!!

Dear readers I don’t know if u like this incident or not. And really I don’t want to upset u any way. So if u don’t like it at all then just forget the incident of my life. Be happy & surely care for others. Bye & Take care!! Any comments from the married & single ladies r welcome at my email: your_friendalways

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Wearing a lungi Thu, 18 Apr 2013 02:39:00 +0000 Hi readers, I am writing this real story after being a reader myself for so long. This happened when I was in my 10th standard. As my parents were leaving town, I was left at my aunt’s house to be … Continue reading

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Hi readers, I am writing this real story after being a reader myself for so long. This happened when I was in my 10th standard. As my parents were leaving town, I was left at my aunt’s house to be taken care of. My aunt’s house was a small one with only one bedroom. Incidentally uncle was also out of town. I, aunt and her daughter were to stay for the next 10 days. I am a very shy type boy that time. I returned from school on Friday, went out, played and returned around 7.00pm. My aunt asked me to take bath, as dirt was all over me and come for dinner. I was tired and hated to bath at that time, but my aunt forced me to take bath. So, I took bath and came to the hall for dinner. She came from the kitchen and looked surprised to see me in my formal dress. She asked me to change to lungi, as this dress will be uncomfortable and non-airy. I refused and said that I am wearing the same dress all these years and I am comfortable with it and I don’t like to wear lungi.

She scolded me heavily and said till you are here; you should obey me only and forced me to change to lungi. Without any options left, I went to the bathroom, removed my pant and wore the lungi, with much hesitation came out of the bathroom. My aunt’s daughter was also studying 10th at that time and I was ashamed to come before her wearing a lungi. My aunt came back and gave an irritated look at me and said “you don’t even understand my simple words? why the hell are you wearing the shirt for? remove it at once”. I decided to go by aunt’s words as she was very angry. I removed my shirt. she again yelled ate me “who will remove your banyan (vests)”. I told her “no way. I will not remove it stating that I feel very shy. please leave me with this and I can remove it and be there with her daughter’s presence.”

She said “she is just your sister and I am your aunt, we are not going to make any fun or tell others about this. While sleeping you must have enough air circulation for good health. remove it at once” So; I had to remove my banyan also.” Now she was looking at my him, I was very embarrassed. She asked my “are you wearing jetty (underwear) inside” I said “yes “. she said “are you a fool. I am shouting all the time for air circulation. how will air circulation be good if you wear your jetty? go and remove it at once.” I went inside the bathroom and came back without removing as I thought, she will not know, if I don’t remove it.” She asked me ” have you removed it?” I said “yes”. she came straight to me, inserted her hand suddenly inside the lungi and felt my jetty was still there” her daughter supported me telling her mother” ma this is too much. why can’t you leave him alone?” my aunt told her ” I knew it , he hasn’t removed his jetty. that’s why I checked.” now my sister said” brother, you are also irritating mother, why are you telling lies? see I got nose-cut now.”

my aunt said” ok. now remove it right here, in front of us, then only you will not tell lies hereafter.” I said ” sorry aunty, only because of shyness, I told lie, hereafter I wont say lies, please allow me to remove it in the bathroom itself.” my aunt agreed to my pleading. I went inside the bathroom and removed my jetty and came back. my aunt asked” where is the removed jetty?” I went to the bathroom and came back with it. She said I wont trust you and she again slid her hand inside, feeling my bare hip she said ok” you will feel comfortable now and your health will be good” and she went back to the kitchen. we ate our dinner and they both went to single bedroom available and I slept in the hall.

I had a good sleep. since I didn’t have the habit of wearing a lungi, in the night it had come of totally, making me naked. I was in total sleep and I was not aware of it. My aunt and sister had woken up early and they have come to the hall and seen me in this type. they hid the lungi also. when I woke up, it took a little while for me to realize I am lying naked in the hall. I was shocked and turned around to only see my aunt and sister looking and giggling at me. my aunt said ” hey, you look superb without your dress” and my sister said “Anna, shame ” I immediately covered my cock with my hand and begged for the lungi. the story is not complete. as I have to go now, I will update it as soon as possible. Mail me with your views and anything that you want to share with me at murali_tn_india

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My aunt Marie Thu, 18 Apr 2013 02:39:00 +0000 Hi, it’s me Arun again, with yet another experience. I can’t resist your comments and opening up all my secrets so far. Now I post my experience I had with my other aunt her name is Marie. This happened 7 … Continue reading

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Hi, it’s me Arun again, with yet another experience. I can’t resist your comments and opening up all my secrets so far. Now I post my experience I had with my other aunt her name is Marie. This happened 7 years before. She was my fathers’ brothers’ wife. She is tall, fair and had ample boobs and ass. I have always fantasized of fucking her. Once they visited our place. That afternoon I was sleeping in the bedroom. My aunt came in after having bath, she had petticoat tied above her boobs which was hardly covering the thighs. She came in called me to send me out. I acted as if I was sound asleep. She talked to herself that I was sound asleep and she closed the door and opened the petticoat and tied it in her waist. There the boobs were gorgeously hanging for all my view. I was afraid to wake up and mess the situation so I lay quietly and watched the dangling tits and brown nipples. My mouth went dry. I had a great hard on. She didn’t notice me, she went on to pull a blouse (she didn’t wear any bra) and put it on. Then she wore sari and went out. I couldn’t control myself, I pulled on a bed sheet and masturbated there it and came in gallons in my underwear. After that incident I used to peek whenever she bends and had a nice view of her boobs and nipples. I was waiting for a good opportunity. It came when we had a function at a relatives place. That night around 10 people (ladies, boys & girls) were sleeping in a big room.

There was only one cot. I was sleeping on it and all others were lying down on the floor. My aunt had some medical treatment so the doctors had prescribed some tablets. Every night she used to take it. Since the tablets where high dosage she slept well. Luck favored me and she lied down just below near the cot. I waited till 20 mins, since I was very afraid. I then lifted my head and saw all were asleep. I slowly cam to the edge of the cot and dropped my right hand below. It touched the navel part. My heart pounded, I was afraid like hell. I kept my hand there for sometime. Then I gathered some courage and patted her cheeks, she didn’t respond or stir. Again I patted her hardly to confirm that she was sound asleep. Then I knew she was all for me. I was still afraid that anyone can wake up and switch on the lights anytime and I may be caught red-handed. But I couldn’t control myself. I slowly place my palm on the left boob pressed it. Then I switched over to the right boob. Now I got more confident and pulled down her sari. I could see the boobs trying to come out of the blouse. I slowly started removing the hooks. There was a pin in the last hook so I didn’t remove it. She had worn a bra that day, I cursed my luck and pulled the bra up.

Now I was able to see the gorgeous tits and nipples in the bedroom light. Slowly I kneaded them and started sucking the nipples. My brain was fully thinking of sex by now. After sometime I started licking the navel below. Then went down and I slowly lifted her sari and petticoat up to her knees. She was still snoring. Then I started kneading her thighs and moved my head up still. I now felt the bush It was wet. I lifted the petticoat further the see the bush. I slowly bent down and saw the black valley. My mouth was watering by now after licking and sucking the nipples. I slowly inserted my finger inside the hole. It was little bit difficult but after a sometime it was easily moving, then I inserted another finger also. While doing this I was sucking the nipples. After sometime I smelt my fingers it was a great feeling and I tasted my fingers which were salty. Then I will continue what happened next in my next posting. I love to have sex with any woman especially married who have lots of experience. Please give me your comments to continue ladies with big boobs from Bangalore only write to at rama_bhaskar27

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Great sex with Roopa my cousin Thu, 18 Apr 2013 02:38:00 +0000 Hello friends I have been reading stories in this site and I enjoy reading them. This site inspired me to share with my entire real life secret story and how many fantasies came true. Well I am 22 years old … Continue reading

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Hello friends I have been reading stories in this site and I enjoy reading them. This site inspired me to share with my entire real life secret story and how many fantasies came true. Well I am 22 years old now and pretty good looking and got good body too. So let me begin with my story which happened between me and my cousin sister Roopa. This happened before a year and that time she was 19 and I was 21. She had come to my native for the vacation. Let me describe my sexy cousin sister Roopa. She was 5’5 ht and had great body. Her figure was 34-26-34, guys imagine her figure. I have loved my cousin sexually from age of 17 and masturbating thinking about her when ever she bends to sweep or stuff I don’t miss watching her cleavage. Finally one day my fantasy came true. It was summer and my family members (dad and mom) were to go out of station for 3 days to attend my dad’s friend’s daughter marriage. But I and Roopa were at home as both of us did not like traveling. So those three days provided me an opportunity to get close to my Roopa in all ways. As mom had gone so entire house keeping was on Roopa. She used to clean home and prepare food as she was good at it.

During sweeping, whenever she bent I used to watch her big bulging boobs and the big round ass when she leaned forward to mop the floor. Once I was caught when I was staring at her boobs, she gave a sharp look into my eyes and corrected her duppata. At night we had slept in my parent’s room together. After an hour or so after sleeping, I noticed Roopa was facing away from me. But my favorite part (her ass) was pointed towards my waist. My lund grew large in me. Slowly I moved my waist towards her hips. Now my lund was touching her hips slightly. Her hips were soft, round, sexy. I pressed my lund still harder. There was no movement in her. I thought she was in deep sleep. So I placed my lund in the cleavage between her hips and started moving slowly up and down. Suddenly she turned towards my side. But she was still sleeping. This time her face was so close to me that, hot air from her nostrils was breezing on to my face. There was not more than 2 inches of gap between our lips. The zip of her nighty was bit open and her big boobs were trying hard to come out of it. I can see the part of her bra inside the opened space, as we had the night lamp burning in the room. I slowly moved my whole body downward, so that my face is opposite to her boobs. I don’t know what has happened to her, she moved towards me, and her boobs pressed my face really hard. May be the kid on the other side had kicked her. My goodness her gorgeous boobs were pressing hard on my face. Now it was my turn to act further. I rubbed all my face on boobs. My erect lund was pressing her knees. I placed my hand over her hips, pretending that I am sleeping, and started caressing her hips.

But I was shocked when she placed her hand on my head and started pressing on her boobs. It was really terrifying. I gained confidence and moved up to her face and moved close to her lips. She whispered to me “kiss me.” I kissed her really hard. Her lips were so smooth and juicy. Oh I cannot explain how good they were. She pierced her juicy tongue in to my mouth, our Tongues were fighting hard. She held my hand and placed it on her right boob. Oh god it was so soft and spongy, I squeezed it a lot and at the same time, enjoying the taste of her saliva. I don’t know how it happened, may be it was an involuntary action. My hand got shifted from her boobs on to her pussy. I moved my fingers on her pussy over the nighty itself. She moved and moaned a bit. I was searching for a way to get inside her nighty; I couldn’t find the edge of it. She understood my problem; she grabbed my hand and showed me the way inside. Now my hand was between her warm thighs. Her thighs were very beautiful, hot. I caressed her thighs. They were excellent. I went up I could touch her panty. I scratched her panty over the triangle. When my fingers came along the cleft between the pussy lips became wet. She was oozing honey.

I entered inside her panty from sides. It was full of silky hair, I pulled the panty down and placed my entire palm on her pussy and started massaging it, simultaneously kissing her hard. She was moaning at a very low pitch. When I pinched her clit she moaned a bit louder aaaaaaaah. Then I fucked her juicy cunt with my fingers, kissing her hard at the same time. I took out my hand from her pussy and licked all the honey on my fingers. It was deliciously and warm. I couldn’t resist now as I saw the taste of her honey, I moved down to her waist, lifted her gown completely up and gently kissed her pubic hair. It was emitting a sweet love scent. I took my tongue out, licked her hairy cunt top to bottom several l times. played with the clit with the tip of tongue. She pressed my head on to her pussy, pulling my hair moaning at a very low pitch. After giving her cunt a thorough wash with my tongue I moved up and whispered in her ears. What next? Doesn’t u want mine? She didn’t reply instead she moved down this time, placed her hand over my underwear, pressed my lund, it was rock hard, she swept all her face on my lund, bit my cock and pulled the underwear down. My cock was really furious, came out of underwear like snake out of its hole. She sniffed all through my rod and testicles before she kept it inside her mouth. She pulled my fore skin back, and then the purple head came out, kissed the tip of the cock delicately, then licked all around the head, and finally took all my length in to her warm juicy mouth, and started sucking it vigorously. It was fantastic. Mine would measure at least 7 inches, I don’t know how deep she went, But I perplexed to feel that my entire rod disappeared in her mouth. She sucked my rod making sounds.

When I was about to come out, I stopped her sucking, asked her to move up and warned her not touch my rod as it would burst out even with the gentle touch of her warm hands. I asked her to wait for few seconds. She said “I know what you do with my panties inside the bathroom”; I asked her “how do u know”? She said “Even I do the same with your underwear”, I love to watch you while you take bath through the hole of the door. Now I said I am going to fuck u now, she said don’t test my patience, go on. She caught hold my rod kept it inside her hole. When I tried to push it inside it didn’t go easily, the tip of my cock was aching, even she complained of pain, but I didn’t give up pushed it further giving slight jerks, finally I could enter completely inside her. It was very hot inside her. I increased my speed fucking her. The feeling that I am fucking a girl, 3 years younger than me was making me mad. Now I was fucking her juicy love hole very fast. The blows made sounds thup… thup… thup… In about 7 to 8 minutes I bursted out. I filled her choot heavily with my semen. I never bursted that much of semen ever. It was my first intercourse, even her’s. That night we had it 3 times. When I got up in the morning she looked at me with an admiration in her eyes, and gave a sharp smile. For the next three days I fucked Roopa in all parts of my home, from bathroom, dinning table, bedroom, living room and even on terrace once.

After my parents returned also that day whenever we had a chance I fucked her great. After a year she got married, and now she is living happily with her family. But still whenever she comes here, that night my rod asks for her. Even now I can’t help myself as she is away from me and of course married to other guy. Friends, hope this experience of mine has made u hot. I request all the horny guys surfing around to mail me their experiences. Females you are most welcome for your physical needs. I am handsome young and horny. Any females interested mail me at and if u want add me in yahoo messenger so we can chat as well for secret sexual pleasure. Bye all take care.

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Fucked my aunt with great pleasure Thu, 18 Apr 2013 02:38:00 +0000 Hi everyone this is Deepak here. Let me introduce first. I am 20 years old from India. Now I will tell you how I fucked 3 ladies of single family. It is true part of my life. It happened when … Continue reading

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Hi everyone this is Deepak here. Let me introduce first. I am 20 years old from India. Now I will tell you how I fucked 3 ladies of single family. It is true part of my life. It happened when I was 19 years old. The Uncle’s (my dad’s brother) family consist of 4 member’s aunty, uncle and their 2 daughters- Shalini and Malini and they leave next door to ours. Aunty was 42 years old with heavy body structure. Shalini 21 years old with simple looks but Malini 18 years was gorgeous all among them. I always fantasize with Malini.

But this story is not fucking of Malini. This was my first encounter with any woman and she was aunty. I don’t have any bad intensions for aunty. But in Durga Pooja holiday my mom and father went to my Nani’s (my mother’s mother) place because she was not well. I was at home because I have to prepare for my exams. My mom told to aunty that she should take care of me and left. I went to station to see off my parents and came back around 8 pm. Uncle called me for dinner. After dinner uncle told aunty to sleep with me in my house because I was alone. So I came with aunty in my home around 9.30 pm. I told aunty to sleep and I started studying. After an hour aunty came and told me to sleep now and get up early in morning to study. I said ok. I went to sleep. Aunty was sleeping next to me. At mid night I woke up due to my junior was aching because I saw very erotic dream in which I was fucking a lady. I started to rub my junior. Suddenly I saw a rhythmic up and down of heavy mounds (36 D size) which was next to me. I watched aunty closely and her saree was all over her chest and the cleavage of her was exposed along with her stomach part where navel was visible. Looking at her I started feeling tense and evil has got space in my mind. I slowly tried to touch her hair to confirm whether she is in deep sleep or not. I saw her face she was looking very beautiful. Then slowly I put my left palm on her bare stomach and just acted as if I am in deep sleep. She did not respond. I got some courage and slowly moved my hand towards her breasts. When fingers touched her breasts I got one of the softest feelings of this world.

I started to feel her breasts with my fingers. She was not responding that gave me lot of courage and I was in my own world not aware of what I am doing is a sin. I had been into such a courageous mood that I put my hand in her blouse. Slowly – slowly I made my hands way inside her blouse and when I touched her bra which was made by cotton cloth I felt fully exited. It was fitting very tight against her breasts tightly. I touched the cleavage of her mounds that was my first touch with her bare skin. It was so soft. My heat beat was so fast and I was feeling very hot. Suddenly she tried to move and immediately I pulled off my hand. She has taken move now her back was facing me. Still she was in deep sleep. After few minutes I again took courage and I moved my hand inside her blouse from back and caressed her back. During which I got in contact with the bra’s hook. I slowly unhooked her bra and started to feel her silky back skin. I massaged her back approximately for 15 min then again she moved. I thought she got up. I immediately turned back and pretended in deep sleep.

After 20 min I turned back towards her. Now she was lying on her back. I checked her by touching her hair but she was in deep sleep. Again I started my kinky game. This time I pushed my hand inside her blouse on to her bra cups. Now because of the bra hook being opened I found enough space for me to touch her breast fully. I slowly moved my palm inside her bra and started to feel her nipples. It was so erotic. My cock was fully erect and dying for the pleasure. That whole night I massaged her breasts, but could not make further move. I was massaging her breasts with one hand and with the other jerking my cock. At around early morning time I jerked off my cum on my hands and with much more pleasure this time I took out my hands off her breasts and slept off.

Next morning aunty called me for breakfast. I was afraid that she knows what I did in last night but she was looking normal but I was not able to face her. Whole day I thought about it and I felt guilty. Aunty came with me after dinner again to sleep with me. This time she was wearing nighty. I was studying but after some time aunty called me up. She told me she is feeling bored. We started chatting, then she was asking about my future plans and somehow conversation moved towards girlfriends. She asked me about my gf’s. I said I do not have as I am very shy to talk to girls. Now I was feeling relax and assured she has not know about what happened last night. Then suddenly she asked me whether I have touched any lady. I said no. Then she told u r telling lie, because yesterday whole night you played with my breasts. I was shocked to hear this. I was feared and begged her plz do not tell this things to my parents. Then she told only on one condition. I had to follow her instructions. I said ok. Then she told me to unzip my lower. She wanted to feel my junior. Then undid my underwear and saw my hot dick. She was stunned to see my 7 inch junior. She started to rub it. And I was feeling hot. It was great feeling. She started to jerk it. After 2-3 min, I cummed in her hands as I was very excited. By that time I started to feel her breasts.

She has also aroused. She took off her nighty herself. Now she stood naked in front of mine as she was not wearing anything under nighty. Seeing a naked woman my junior again raised up. Now I started to suck her nipples. It was so beautiful in dark brown color. She started to moan and shouting aur zor se ohhhhhh mmmmmmm after listening this moan I m also excited and moved towards her love hole. It was covered by thick forest. It was the first time when I saw love hole in real. It was looking very lovely. I put my first and mid finger inside her. And start finger fuck. After couple of min she has started to flow. She had orgasm. She was wet and hot and moaning. She shouted put your inside. She wants it. I was also hot. I tried to insert it and but failed. Then she showed me the way to insert it. I put it mine there and started to push it. Now my junior was disappearing inside her. She started to move her hips and I am also started to pump. A rhythmic sound was blowing in the room. After some time she told that she is cumming and she cummed after few sec. I continued my pumping and few min later I also cummed inside her and collapsed on her breasts. She was very happy and kissed me on my lips. That night we tried 2 more times. I think you like my experience, any hot girls and unsatisfied women who wanna have sex with me can send their pic to me at my email I too wanna learn new things from you.

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A lovely innocent girl Thu, 18 Apr 2013 02:38:00 +0000 I am in my 40′s and from the age of 14 my sex life starts. All in all I had sex with 131 woman, 6 men and two eunuchs. Only in a few I got real excitement. If anybody interested … Continue reading

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I am in my 40′s and from the age of 14 my sex life starts. All in all I had sex with 131 woman, 6 men and two eunuchs. Only in a few I got real excitement. If anybody interested to know anything about sex practices or making the opposite happy feel free to ask your doubts, my mail id is Once I was staying with my uncle for a few days. Both my uncle and aunt were employed. They had a daughter. She was studying and a lovely innocent girl. Everybody in the total household is very fond of her. She sings and dances very well. When I went there to stay for attending a seminar, I was very lonely. Uncle and aunt were very serious type and come late evening after their job. I had class for 4 hours and simply sit at home till pinky comes. She has morning shift at the school. She comes by 1 and we watch TV together.

One such day when we were sitting and watching TV, the power had gone. We waited for sometime and it did not come after some time. It was very hot at Chennai and I told Pinky to go to the back side room which was facing agri-field where breeze was cool. There was only a big chair to sit. We sat on it and pinky was chatting innocently. I was catching her with my right hand put over her shoulder and taking her lovely left hand in my arms. She was wearing a tight frock later she started showing a dance the body language and song of the dance was erotic and I started looking her with a different look. Even though she was young, she had a some what developed breasts and shape. She was medium complexioned and her frock was rolling over her thighs while dancing. My body started responding and stared getting hot. In the home I used to wear a lungi only and no undies. My long and sturdy cock grew full behind the lungi. Pinky completed the dance and came close to me and asked how it was. I held her close to me and congratulated her .I held her tight and nonsense flattering her. I started rubbing her body softly. I took her juicy lips between my index finger and thumb and softly squeezing. The lips got reddish and I held her face close to mine and started rubbing my cheeks with hers. She was enjoying my gestures.

Slowly with my right hand I stared rubbing her thighs and slowly put my hands move to the top under the frock. The other hand I put over her left ball. It was soft and a little hard. My hand slowly reached her panties and I softly pressed at her pussy to my utter surprise she murmured in my ears,’ here the windows are open; we can go to the other room. Before going me erotically grabbed her lips with mine and sucked deeply .my both hands squeezed her balls. We moved to the bed room. I drew the zip of her frock and removed it she was just standing with the panties and shimmies. I took her close and removed that too. She stood full naked and the sight of it was so marvelous. She was looking like a young lady with full of pubic hairs on her puzzy as well as under arms. Suddenly she hold my lungi and drew it away and made me naked too. She sat on her knees and took my 12′ rod with her both palms and started rubbing on the top of it. She smiled at me and put it in her mouth and started moving it speedily.

I released it from her mouth and asked how she knew this and she told me her male dance guru (63yrs) taught all this. I placed her on the bed and started kissing on her pussy and started putting my tongue into it started fucking with the tongue. She whispered me “please fuck me, my guru never put his penis in mine” I slowly tried to put my red hot rod into her pusy but very difficult to enter it. She embraced me tightly and encouraged me finally it entered and she screamed loudly ahhhhhhh I pumped speedily and her cry were at the peak. Finally I filled it with hot and sticky seem and it started flowing over her thighs. I kissed her tightly and the bed sheet was spilled with blood. Slowly we got up and washed the sheet to dry the linen before uncle and aunt comes. In the evening she started getting fever and for two days spent in home in fever .however she was very happy and enjoyed it.

The post A lovely innocent girl appeared first on Indian Incest Sex Story.

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