Bangla sex stories

Hi all, I am Khalid 22 year old now but this story some year ago but plz one think my English so poor plz try to understand and I will try to write better who u understand so when I was 13 ,slim body owner as like kids in as age , my sister yes she was mush older to me her age was 23 m age 10 year different so mush because our dad was go USA after my sister born we was so mush poor so my dad go to USA for money and then he come back so late and I was born .. So my sister Read more [...]

Bengali mother & son

This story has been translated from a Bengali porno book. I am not a good writer or translator by any means. But there are so many great stories about incest in Bengali that I could not resist to try. These stories are great to the taste of Indian incest fans. Please, write to me if you like this story. I shall try to translate some more depending on the reaction I receive. (If u liked the stories kindly mail me [email protected]) It was hot summer day at Calcutta, India. Raja was Read more [...]