I have bad luck -3

Hi iss friends tony is back with the story of my cousin sister Julie part 3 lets continue with the story so she said I went to bathroom after a hot shower I dry my body and warped the towel around my boobs and as I stepped out of the bathroom door I was shocked and my legs started to shake what did you see there Julie I asked her she said tony mom was standing there and she was holding the hand chef between her thumb and index finger and looking at it very closely and Read more [...]

Hot incest fucking

Hello friends,this is Kiran again back with my story about my incest encounter..Thank you for the encouraging response to my story. I will still publish more stories and I also encourage you to send more mails to keep me going.. You must have read my story about my first incest experience with my elder sister Divya. This is a story of how we began to explore the realms of group sex. Let me tell you abt my sister Divya she is around 5 ft 6 inches tall and has a good fig of 34-28-36 Read more [...]

Fucking my Aunt

Hi,this is Viki 22 yrs from Bangalore and Im writing this first experience with my aunt Suma 40 yrs, she is an avg lookingsouth Indian but with very good structure, mainly her boobs my god any guy would like to press it hard, even now (she is 40) but her boobsare in perfect shape I dont understand how, even her shapely posteriorassets , she is a bombshell in brief. For 2 years Ive been thinking tofuck her but since we are from a very orthodox bhramin family evensuch a thought is Read more [...]

My elder sister -3

Hello dear iss readers tony again here with my storie sex with elder sister part 3 I am very thankful to all iss readers for the feedback I got from you and all the mails from my iss friends thanks again. So lets move to the storie as most of you who read my last two stories knows that the stories is about my friend and his sister who are enjoying sex since almost 10 years. As papa came back home we where watching television papa took the seat next to me and questioned us both sonu Read more [...]

Loving mum’s pussy

hi this is john from banglore iam 19 years old very fare and iam 5"7 in height .i live with my mom my dad work in software company in usa. when i steped into collage i was very much intrested in sex more than teenaged girls i was intrested in women of 30 years of age. it was summer i got holidays i was not going out i and my mom stayed at home .my mother name is anjali she is very fare 5'5 in height and she is very beutiful . after some days i started to watch my mom in other way Read more [...]

I have bad luck -2

Hi iss friends tony is back with the second part of my recent story sex with cousin sister Julie again don't want to waste your precious time you people know me well (I hope so). To the story she said yeah tony I am not virgin I said ok Julie tell me who took your virginity she said tony please can we not forget this topic I said listen Julie you asked me about tania I told you the truth so please I want you to do the same and don't lie to me I want to know every thing please and Read more [...]

Sex with elder sister -2

Dear iss friends tony is back with the storie sex with my elder sister so I don't want to waste your time lets move to the stories . As we finished our lunch parveen came and started to clean up the table but she still had that smile on her face me and sis.. Ware really worried and it was sure for us that she sow our fucking game this afternoon so what to do sis.. I asked sis.. She said let me think we most find a way to shut her mouth but how sis.. Ok I got it said sis.. What tell Read more [...]

Tarun’s Horny Mom

This is a true story. My is name is tarun bhatia. when i was about 6 my mum and dad seperated leaving just me and mum living in the house. after dad left mum would bring a different man home every night and they would pay her for sex, this is how she made money. when the guy left a few hours later mum would come into my room and carry me into her bed and we would both fall asleep. as i got older i would lie in my bed and wait until mums man friend had left and i would then go to Read more [...]

Raj Fucking his Cousin sister

I'm Raj, 22 years old and I am working on my Master's in Bangalore. Which is known Visvewarayya Technical University. Let me tell about myself. I am 5.9 in height, around 120 lbs in weight, fair complex with black hair and in good shape. I live with my cousin brother, but I go and visit my dad and mother every other month and holidays. I have lived with my dad and mother till I was 20. Recently I have shifted to Bangalore for my Master's degree, I am very much attached to my family. Read more [...]

Horny Mom – A sex slave

Dear ISS readers welcome to read a true story that happened in my life. I was 8 yrs of age when we were living in Pune. Me , my mom and dad. My dad was working in Saudi and he use to come only once in 2 yrs. My mom was 29 then. We both use to sleep together. My mom use to only wear bra and panty and sleep with me. She use to twist and curl in the bed and make some sound. Probably it was moan... One night all of a sudden my sleep broke and I opened my eyes to see my mom with my neighbour Read more [...]