Aunt takes nephew by mistake

She had been sleeping in front of the T.V. So had the others. But they had all felt sleepy at different points in time and gone to bed.

Shobha and Kumar had come visiting to the house of Gopal and Dipti. Gopal was Kumar’s they had a nineteen year old son, Ajay. The movie which they had been watching was a murder story but it had some erotic scenes. Ajay, the son had left when a passionate and intense lovemaking scene had come on. Gopal and Dipti, the boy’s parents, froze when that scene had come up and the young man had been discreet enough to leave.

The house had all the bedrooms upstairs and ever since they had arrived earlier in the evening no one had gone upstairs. The servants had carried luggage up and Gopal and Kumar had poured drinks. The women drank too, though the family as a whole was kept conservative under the watchful eyes of the parents. The women wore sindoor and mangalsutra and wore sarees in a traditional way, covering their head whenever elders were around. For Shobha, Gopal was an elder, being Kumar’s elder brother and she kept her head covered in his presence.

But beyond that, with both Kumar and Gopal moving to larger cities and going to work in large firms, the lifestyle in their own homes was largely liberal; excepting when parents came visiting.

Shobha was a little careful with these niceties because she herself had been brought up in a very cosmopolitan household in Mumbai and was a little unsure of herself around the conservative family; her in-laws were from Jaipur. It was always safer to be cautious.

Dipti was from Delhi and she too had a much wider exposure than the family in to which she married. Both the women had always dressed fashionably when traveling outside their respective hometowns, especially when the parents of the house were not around. However, there was a ten year age difference, Dipti being the elder of the two.

The two women made great company with Dipti using her seniority to get her husband to agree too many of the fashions they preferred while Shobha was the one who was a bit more with it in getting the latest in fashions.

Thus, the sleeveless blouses, worn with push up bras; the more daring backs to the blouses and the liberal use of makeup. However, these liberties were permitted only when a “holiday” was on, as just now. The normal routine day around the house had no such place for such indulgences.

They often talked of the sex lives and here too, they shared common ground. The men were slowing down, had never been very imaginative and the sex was very routine whenever it happened.

But the next generation, epitomized by Dipti’s son Ajay was very different. These children had grown up in a much more liberal environment, in India’s larger cities. Ajay in fact, used to participate in quite a few sports and was a strapping youth with an agile body. Taut too, as Shobha noticed this time. The boy had grown up and was very soon no longer going to be a boy.

That was obvious when he left the room with the lovemaking scene coming on; the young man knew enough to know when to be discreet.

Ajay had grown up spending many summers in Shobha and Kumar’s house. Shobha chachi had bathed him often as a little boy though the last few years he had outgrown that phase. She had now noticed him find and take from Kumar’s stash of erotic novels a book every now and then and disappear into his room. She felt a flush of heat as she realized what it might be about but kept quiet. He was after all a normal boy with normal urges.

Shortly after Ajay had left for his room, Gopal and Dipti also made excuses about being tired, even though they had slept rather well in the afternoon after lunch. Shobha suspected what that might be about as she and Dipti exchanged glances. But Dipti kept her eyes low and followed her husband up the stairs.

She did not have a clue on when Kumar left the TV room but when she woke up a while later, it was to the thumping sounds coming from the room above. They had all had a few rounds of drinks so she felt a little heady. No doubt that was at play in the room above where she could hear the sounds of the cot in Gopal and Dipti’s room as Gopal pounded into his wife. She was not sure whether they had failed to shut the room door properly or whether the noises were just too loud, but she could hear Dipti’s moans as her husband fucked her hard and furiously. “Haanji, haan! Haan! Ui maa, hai… haan, haan” she heard her moaning.

Then she heard the long growling moan from Gopal as he finished his pounding, emptying into his wife. The effect of the movie seemed to have been good on Gopal, thought Shobha as she heard the sounds and imagined how Dipti might have got fucked.

The movie had the man taking the woman from behind; something that she had read about in her college days and seen in a few porn movies but never experienced with her husband. She had often wondered how to broach the subject with him but found it delicate. Sex for them was an activity which was initiated when his body needs exceed his self control. Otherwise both brothers had been brought up to treat sex as necessary for procreation no more.

She pulled her pallo tightly around herself as she felt a shiver at the explicit sound effects that had filled her ears. Had Ajay heard his parents? And Kumar; where was he?

Shobha felt sleepy and decided to head upstairs to bed. Suddenly she realized she was not so familiar with the layout of the rooms upstairs, this being a house to which Gopal had newly shifted. As she came up the stairs, she swayed under the influence of the drinks she had taken earlier. The lovemaking scenes from the movie, the sound effects kept ringing in her ears. At the top of the stairs she encountered a landing area with several doors. Two doors were open and they were not bedrooms. Three rooms had their doors shut, and one of them was the bedroom in which she and Kumar were to stay while there. She wondered which it was.

She felt the effect of alcohol on her as she imagined what would happen if she entered Gopal and Dipti’s room. She smiled to herself and swayed a bit. She needed to get to bed quick, but she also felt a stirring in her loins as she felt she could do with a nice hard fucking.

She tried to figure out which might be Dipti’s room by trying to visualize where the noises of lovemaking had come from. After taking an educated guess, she opened a particular door just a wee bit and then paused. There was no sound from within. She peered into the room and could make out only one figure on the bed. So it certainly wasn’t Gopal and Dipti’s room. She slipped in. She directly went to the foot of the bed. She had plans for Kumar tonight.

Raising the sheet over her head she ducked under and moved up between the legs. Soon she was at his hip and she found and undid the pajama cord. The stomach felt a little flatter than usual and she wondered if his attempts at exercise were having the desired effect. She kissed the lower stomach and immediately felt hands on her head. She nuzzled the curls of pubic hair and slowly her lips found the cock in a dormant and shrunken state.

She covered it with her mouth and lips formed an “O” to suck the stub of flesh in and out of her lips. Her eyes opened in amazement at the rapid speed with which the cock filled out. She was used to a much slower response, be it with her hands or her lips. Slowly she moved her head up and down, pleasuring him, hoping to get him up to the full size. Then she would ride him to ecstasy, she thought to herself.

The hands on her head were gently massaging her. Her next surprise was when the swelling didn’t stop. Her mouth was full and the head was touching the back of her throat and she needed to move back to give him space to grow. That was surprising because he had never been more than a small ring of her lips. And now her lips were stretched wide to take him in fully.

Her hands reached up to stroke his belly and his chest. When she encountered minimal chest hair she began to wonder. In the meanwhile his hips started to move in rhythm as the needs and desires soared. This combination of unusual occurrences caused doubt in her mind, and Shobha lifted her head to reach for the light by the bedside. Another pair of hands too reached for the lights, and since he had his head on the pillow and Shobha was much lower around his hips, Ajay found the switch first.

In his mind it had been one more wet dream. The warm wet mouth and the rising sensations in his cock had been felt by him more than once in his dreams. When her lips tightened and he felt the distinct shudder of pleasure, his eyes opened. His hands were on a woman’s head. He knew it was not a dream and he reached for the lights. Her mouth left his cock and the woman reached across him to get to the light. He felt full and heavy breasts rest on his torso as she tried to get there.

He switched on the lights and there was his aunt, her mouth streaked with his juices, her blouse showing cleavage, her saree pallo on the bed, and she straddling him.

The teenager and his chachi stared at each other in shock. The lust and drive of a teenager soon made the decision for Ajay. After all his chachi had entered the room and taken him in her mouth; surely she meant to do this.

He put his hand back on her head and pushed her down to take his cock back in her mouth. She pursed her lips together and tried to duck. It merely caused the rearing penis to smear itself on her head, on her sindoor and on her hair. He gasped as the missed target caused him to become desperate.

“Chachi!” He implored, “Kyun ruk gaye?” (Auntie, why have you stopped?)

Shobha had her eyes closed and her lips tightly pursed. She started to reply. “Beta galti ho gayi. I didn’t know this was your room,” she pleaded. Her eyes opened to look up at him beseechingly. She saw the cock jerking and prancing around near her face. Now tapping her cheek, now flopping against her chin and lips.

She stared at in fascination. It was a magnificent specimen of manhood. If his father’s cock was anything like his, Dipti was one lucky woman thought Shobha. Then the incongruousness of her thoughts hit her. She tried to scramble back. Ajay locked his legs around her shoulders and torso preventing her from moving away. She felt the strong legs grip her tightly and the boy’s skin was rubbing her breasts on either side.

Shobha looked down and saw her heavy breasts hanging, the fabric of the blouse sagging, giving her nephew a rich view of her full cleavage. She tried to grab her saree pallu to cover up. Her mangalsutra was hanging from her neck, the locket banging against his balls. She grabbed the necklace and stuffed it into her blouse. This was so demeaning to her married status.

Ajay reached between them and shoved his hand down the front of her blouse. There was nothing subtle or caressing about his move. He just bunched up her flesh in his hand and kneaded her roughly. His hand was searching for her nipple. He clawed at her.

“Beta, yeh tum kya kar rahe ho? Apni chachi ke choochey ko haath lagate sharam nahi aati tumhe? “she scolded him. (What are you doing, son? Don’t you feel ashamed at grabbing at your aunt’s breasts like this?)

“Mujhe sirf aap chahiye. Kya sharam, kaise sharam. Kamre mey to aap ayi hain. Aur phir apne mujhe kabhi nanga nahi dekha kya. Maine bhi to aap ko itni baar dekha hai jab aap naha kar nikli thi. Kabhi apka blouse gila that aur apke mammu ke jhalak dikhte the. Kabhi abke bhitni bhi to nazar aati thi. Aur itni baar aap bagair blouse key, sirf saree lapete hue bathroom se nikli hain,” he reminded her. (I only want you. What should I be ashamed of? You are the one who came in to my room. And then have you never seen me nude? I have seen you so often when you have just been out of the bath. Sometimes your blouse has been wet so I get glimpses of the flesh of your breasts. And sometimes your nipples too. And quite often I have seen you wrap your saree around yourself and come out of the bath without a blouse.)

“Aur mujhe wo har baar yaad hai jab apne mere lund ko nilhatey samay dhoya tha,” he went on. (I remember every time you washed my cock while bathing me). “Tab toh aap ko koi apatti nahi thi” (You had no reservations at that time).

“Woh kuch aur baat thi,” she mumbled as she tried to come to terms with the attraction she felt towards the cock looming in her face. She pushed back at his thighs and managed to get his legs off her shoulders. She stood up next to the bed. Her excited state was obvious; her breathing was heavy; her breasts were heaving with the excitement she felt in her chest. Her mouth still carried the stains of his precum and her hair was streaked too. Her sindoor was smeared and she looked radiant with her traditional attire. The lust in her was obvious, but so was the weight of the restraining factors she felt. She looked down and so the best cock she had seen in all her years waving in the air, asking for her attention.

He reached up for her and his hand weighed her breast, heavy and melon-like. She caught his wrist. It was meant to control and stop him, but it was one more contact of flesh with flesh and skin with skin. He turned slightly so his other hand could reach her stomach. His hand felt her soft and curved, slightly sagging tummy. He stroked her there.

“Chachi,” he called her. “Aa jao” (Aunty, come)

She felt her knees go weak as the hunger in his voice promised her heaven.

It took her but a moment to lean forward and kiss him on the forehead. She meant it as a good night kiss of sorts. But her saree fell open and Ajay found himself perilously close to the mounds of flesh that were straining at his aunt’s blouse. He smelled her, sweaty and womanly. He had no experience with women; any woman would do for a horny kid and the breasts that were before his face were no exception. He touched the side of the melon like breast once again and Shobha gasped.

The youngster held the fruit like, full breast and allowed his thumb to wander. It encountered the thin fabric of the blouse and under it the paraphernalia of the bra. Ajay rubbed, disregarding the illicitness of what he was doing. All he knew was his need and her presence.

The teenager’s hand on her breast caused her body to sag with lust. Shobha leaned a bit more so the breasts were now in the teenager’s face. Ajay felt his throat dry as his heart beat shot up. Shobha pulled the fabric of the blouse together so that the hooks could be unhooked and pulled apart the front of her blouse. The breasts tumbled out, now restrained only by the bra. The damp underarms and the overfull body within made sure the blouse stuck to her. It would take peeling but the young man had enough of a view for the moment.

Ajay stretched upward and kissed the slopes of those breasts. His aunt held his head as she pulled him in to her cleavage. She now had one leg kneeling on the bed and the other leg was standing on the floor. Ajay stretched upwards and nuzzled her breasts as much as he could and his lips searched out her nipples.

“Chachi!” He whispered.

“Haan beta,” she made a kissing sound with her lips in the air. It was an endearment she had used so many times, that kissing sound, over the years to reassure the child who she tended. Today it felt completely different.

He sighed and his hands roamed over her back feeling her flesh. His hands felt rough on her; hands that handled sport equipment. The roughness excited her skin which was rarely, if ever, felt by any human hands. As he moved up her back the blouse and it being stuck to her skin in its dampness became an obstacle. She couldn’t move her arms as the arms were tight. And she didn’t want his hot searching lips to stop playing with her.

Yet, the desperation between them was soaring.

“You know, we shouldn’t be doing this, beta” she whispered.

“But what are doing at all, other than just hugging?” He pleaded, desperately mashing his lips on the globes which he wanted to suck in and taste.

Her hand went to the nape of his neck and she noticed that his top was askew. Her fingers roamed down his chest and she gasped at the rock hard body and the smooth skin.

She gasped loudly when her hand traversed his hip and came down to his buttock, also exposed.

“What happened, chachi?” He enquired.

She shook her head to indicate that nothing was the matter. She knew she was on dangerous ground and should not have entered this room at all. She pushed the young man away and tried to move off. He clung to her hips and let his face nuzzle her tummy. She shuddered as she felt her flesh respond to the appeal of youth.

No, her mind screamed. This was illicit. Her husband’s brother’s son was out of bounds. The young stud’s hands were searching for the bottom edge of her saree. In his haste, he pulled desperately at the long garment which came loose from its tucking and hung in parts like a drape while still covering Shobha.

She held his shoulders and pushed him away.

He moved his face lower. She wondered what he was doing. But the young man seemed very sure of him as he went lower and lower, kissing her tummy, till he went too low! Surely he didn’t intend to kiss her any lower?

But he did. He had seen that in many of the porn movies and internet downloads. He knew exactly what he was doing and the women seemed to like it. He wanted to take his auntie beyond her ability to resist.

He pushed the waist of the saree and the petticoat down. But the knot would not allow the petticoat to move down. The saree was half undone and hanging now. Shobha had her hands on the young mans head trying to push him away. He found the gap in her petticoat around the area where the cord comes around full circle. That place always had a gap and he knew it. He had seen it in his mother’s petticoat on occasion.

Through the gap there he pushed his face to that gap and his probing tongue found the swell of her lower tummy. His aunt was past forty, but her body was not sagging and lost. It had curves and charms and a warmth which Ajay had noticed but never even fantasized about.

Shobha moaned loudly,” What are you doing, beta? Yeh kya ho gaya hai tumhe?” (What has happened to you?)

His other hand found the knot of the petticoat and he tugged at the right end of the chord and unfastened it in one quick pull. The petticoat now slid past the flare of the hip and hung half slung down. Ajay now boldly put his head between her thighs and nuzzled her hard with his face, generally feeling the whole area and allowing her to feel him touch her everywhere.

It was too much for Shobha as she sat down on the bed with her legs splayed wide part and lay down. Her clothes were askew and she was partially undressed. She had her teenaged nephew between her legs, his head nuzzling. She lay with her hands on his shoulders and around his hips. The sensations ripping through her body were new to her and she was crazed.

Inside her, still, the fight was not lost. She just wanted to regain her composure which she felt would be possible once she was past this round of maddening pleasure. Ajay’s hands however, were inside her petticoat, under her and starting to struggle with her panties.

Shobha was very conscious of where her hands were and was making sure she did not even accidentally touch the boy’s cock. That would be the ultimate giveaway. Lust was raging through her and her body was demanding that she let the teenager take her any way he knew to take a woman.

Images of her bathing him, of soaping his cock and cleaning it for him, and of various stages in his life where she had mothered him flashed through her mind, making it difficult for her to accept her sexual desires. He was not just a youth who could meet her need. He was her nephew.

Ajay was luxuriating in the womanly smells and in the warmth of caressing and stroking the body of a mature sexy woman. Perhaps for him, she was just a woman.

“Beta, ruk jao,” she whispered. (Stop.)

“Kyon chachi, aap ko accha nahi lag raha?” He asked. (Why, auntie, are you not enjoying it?)

“Bahut zyada achcha lag raha hai, mere lall! Isi liye kehti hoon ki ruk ja. Is ke aage na mai jaa paungi, na tum ruk paoge?” She sighed. (I am enjoying it a bit too much. That is why I am asking you to stop. Beyond this, neither can I go, nor can you stop)

Her fingers were gripping his arm when she suddenly felt his cock at her arm. She shuddered and he moaned. “Chachi dekho mera lund kitna bada ho gaya apko dekh kar,” he muttered. (Auntie, see how large my cock had become on seeing you.)

She would never be explain what made her take that cock in her hand. Just his statement that it was impossibly large? Her hand found the cock and she closed around it. Her mind took note of the round cylinder of flesh, the head, and of course, it was drenched and dripping with his precum.

“Beta, yeh itna paani………..” She murmured. (Son, this much of wetness)

“Aap ke liye,” he replied, his head moving up now to her torso. (for you)

Their bodies were at an impossible angle to each other and they now needed to realign. He swiveled around and they were now lying next to each other. Her hand found his cock again. Wet and slimy with his juices. She gripped it hard. A new plan formed in her mind. She would masturbate him; the kid wouldn’t be able to hold on long. Once he had cum she would be free to go.

Yes, the heat in her cunt was soaring but she could go fuck Kumar, perhaps harder than he had ever been taken in his life; and she wouldn’t have to live with the consequences of this mindless lust. Before she knew it, Ajay was upon her. He straddled her body. She felt his balls on her tummy. The hot pillar of flesh touched her but as its length speared upward she could not feel more than the first part of his cock.

His hands authoritatively rested on her breasts as he cupped them. He pushed them back into her chest and rotated them hard. She groaned, “Betaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Mere mummey tumhe chahiye? Itne chahiye?” (Son, you want my breasts? You want them so much?)

Shobha found pools of pleasure radiating from her breasts, as this boy whom she had nursed and brought up clawed her ponderous mammaries.

The lust crazed youth did not reply. He frantically searched for the nipples. He pulled the bra down and stretched the elastic down so the cups were tucked below and the breasts were squeezed out and jutting from the top. The bra straps dug into her flesh and it was painful. But Ajay’s eyes were on the pleasurable sight of his aunt’s nipples. They were somewhat long, more like those designed to be milked. He leaned forward, hovering over her. His lips touched and teased the teats- he licked on them, slowly at first, then hard and fast and then he started to slobber on them. He stuffed as much of her breast as he could into his mouth and sucked hard. His hand held her breasts hard, gripping them tightly.

His cock hung low below him, heavy, and slow viscous drops of fluid formed dabs on Shobha’s tummy. She reached down and caught the cock in her hand like the handle of a racquet, and held him gently. It felt like the cock of an animal, prone as he was over her. Shobha had once taken the sheath of her Labrador dog in her hand when it was red and glistening, and this moment reminded her of that, given Ajay’s position on all fours.

She gently slid her hand up and down, massaging his aching cock, providing him relief from the intense build of need in him.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmffffffffff!” Went the guy as he bit into the flesh in his mouth. Her hand on his cock was driving him wild. He humped his hips hard, taking away any signs of gentleness in the stroking she was giving him. It became as if her hand was a cunt and his cock was fucking her fist. She whispered to him, “Dheere, beta, dheere. Koi jaldi nahi hai. Chachi hai na?” She said soothingly. (Slow down son, slow down. There is no hurry. Auntie is there with you, isn’t she?)

Ajay slowed as the release of one surge from his loins allowed his lust to be held back. Shobha pushed him over to his back and sat up. They were both far gone, and there was no stopping, illicit or not.

She pulled off her blouse and her bra. Then she kneeled over, his ankles between her legs, watching his cock which he was now fondling and stroking, keeping it ready for her.

“Apne lund se mat khelo. Woh ab mera hai. Jo bhi karna hai mai karungi, “she commanded him. (Don’t play with your cock. It is now mine. What ever is to be done, will be done by me)

She lifted her petticoat over her head and discarded it. She rolled down her panties to her knees. Then she pulled one side still lower. Now she used her foot to pull the panties still lower and off, leaving her hands and head free to pay attention to her nephew’s waiting cock.

She held out her tongue fully extended. The quivering tip of her tongue snaked out and touched the flowing and messy cock, which jumped on contact.

“Chacheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” Hissed Ajay. His hands went to her head and he held her. His hips jerked; he wanted to be in her mouth. The cock reamed her face and the balls slapped into her chin.

“Aye, Ajay!” She remonstrated. “Mai kar rahi hoon na. Chup chap padey raho warna chachi chali jayegi.” (I am doing you, am I not? Lie quietly or else auntie will leave.)

The newly initiated male threw his head from side to side with uncontrollable lust but held his hips still. Then he looked down to see what his chachi was doing. There it was, her mangalsutra necklace, hanging from her neck. Beyond that her lovely mass of breasts, swinging, asking to be sucked like luscious fruit. And his chachi’s maang (forehead) smeared with sindoor. Her eyes were sparkling as she looked back up at him and gave him a comforting smile. This was the same chachi who had looked after him and indulged him through his growing years. And now that smile said that she was going to provide him with the ultimate indulgence.

Shobha allowed the saliva to pool in her mouth and then she opened and took in the full shaft into her wet and waiting mouth. Her tongue aligned along the underside of his cock. With a rich wet slurping action she slid up and down his cock, enthralling the him.

“Arre chachi! Mera lund pighal raha hai. Hanh. Chooso mujhe. Randi ke tarah chooso mujhe. Hai. Hanhh. Hannh. Hannh!” The youngster moaned, his fists pounding the mattress. (Oh auntie! My cock is melting. Yes, suck me. Suck me like a whore. Yes, yes, yes!) He had no control over his hips which bucked and thrashed like a horse untamed.

The mangalsutra was beating a tattoo on his balls, scraping his thighs as it swung here and there along with her head’s bobbing. One of Shobha’s hands was on his chest, pinching up the area surrounding his nipple and kneading him. Her thumb flicked over the nipple as the rest of her fingers kneaded and stroked his breast. The other hand was used to hold the base of his cock with a thumb and two fingers. As she allowed her fingers more space she remembered that this was supposed to end with her masturbating him.

But the thoughts dominating her mind were all about the wonderful cock she had in her mouth and hand and how wonderful it would feel in her bubbling pussy.

She lifted her head off. She had to balance this between lust and completion. She could not risk anyone walking in on them. She waddled up the body under her. Ajay’s hands spontaneous came up to claim her breasts. He mashed them and kneaded them. He stretched his neck to suck the very suckable teat. It was more like a cow’s small udder ready to feed him.

“Hai betaaaaaaaaaaaa!” Moaned Shobha. She raised one leg so that she could reach between them. She caught his cock and guided it up into her dripping sheath. And she slid down on him. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, mere lalla!” She called out to him, using an endearment she had used to address him for years now.

“Chod apne chachi ko. Is lund ko mar mere choot mey,” she exhorted him. (Fuck your auntie. Hammer that cock into my cunt)

Ajay thrust upwards. It felt heavenly, the wet bubbling cunt that was riding him. He felt her juices pour and mess up his groin area. He fucked hard, holding her up by her breasts.

“Haanh chachi, lelo mujhe. Mera lund tumhara hai. Mai tumhara hoon. Make me cum, mai apna paani apme bhar dena chahta hoon. Hah! Hanh! Hai! Maaa!” He screamed.

She sensed that he was being too noisy. She leaned forward and her luscious lips closed on his mouth. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” he strained against her mouth.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door. “Beta sabh theek to hai na?” It was Dipti. (son, is everything okay?) She seemed to have heard some noises and come enquiring. She had stopped walking into her son’s room after once, a few months ago she stepped in only to find him masturbating furiously. Mother and son had caught each others eye. She stepped back and never brought it up with him. But after that she just avoided such situations.

“Haanh, mummy. Sab- theek – hai” (yes, mother, everything is fine). Between each word he had to pause because Shobha’s cunt wouldn’t let her stop. She just had to have her cunt full up with this energetic cock. She was mindful of the risk but there was nothing that could have been done on that. After a brief pause she resumed, but at a much more restrained steady stroking, rather than the frenetic humping of the stud.

He had not cum yet and she was glad for that. She had thought the youngster wouldn’t be able to control himself. But maybe he had just masturbated; was that the pungent semi dry odor she had encountered when she first mouthed him.

Whatever it was, Shobha could not be stopped from bouncing on the hard and strong cock up inside her. She continued to pound him. Her breasts flopped back and forth and Ajay alternated clutched them and alternately stroked her ass and back.

Shobha’s eyes were closed. His cock was touching the right spot. She avoided any change in position and just continued her pumping. Her pussy erupted in orgasm and she screamed a low guttural cry in the pit of her throat. Saliva dribbled down the side of her mouth as she came uncontrollably. The passion was heightened for the forbidden lust that she was enjoying. She had just taken the virginity of a youngster brought up by her, her nephew. And what a man he was. Strong, virile, stud-like with a cock that was surely going to become a much desired object!

This time the door opened. It will never be known if Dipti sighted anything or not. But having opened the door she merely repeated her question. “Beta is everything all right. Mujhe phir se awaz ayi?” (I heard a noise again.)

Maybe she didn’t come in thinking she made a mistake; that she had heard the her son masturbating. Whatever it is, they saw her hand on this side of the door. They heard her. But they didn’t see her. And hopefully she didn’t see them.

What was important was that they were left uninterrupted to fuck on. Ajay pushed his aunt off him and got on top.

“Wait!” His aunt stopped him. She pulled her saree and used it to dry his cock and stuffed it up her channel to dry her out a bit. It was so wet that she wanted it a little dry to feel him up completely.

She should not have done that. His cock when he hammered it in seared her cunt apart. Her nails dug into his shoulder and his ass where her hands were resting. She drew blood. The cock was reaming and stretching the entire stretch of her cunt. She had needed that much lubrication. With her lying back the juices were pooled inside her. His cock dipped in and out, soaking itself and pulling out her juices. The pounding was jerking her breasts, her brain and her eyes. He was so fast and so furious that her eyeballs could not focus on anything.

She closed her eyes and thought of ways to conquer this stud bull of a guy even as she wallowed in the glow of her body’s eruptions. She came again and again. She bit his shoulder. She smeared her face on him rubbing her saliva on his chest. Her heels came around to his ass and she signaled her pleasure by hammering her heels on his ass.

But what really made him burst forth was her hand between them, holding his sheath back.

“Chachi. Chachi. Chachi,” he seemed to be begging. “Hannh chachi, lelo meri paani. Sukha do mujhe. Bana lo apna. Ye lo. Bas mai aa gaya. Le lo. Le lo. Le looooooooooooo!”

(Yes auntie, take my semen, dry me. Make me yours. Now I am here. Take this. Take this. Take this.)

The first cum was a shot, deep and full. The next felt like warm pools spreading rapidly inside her. Shobha held the guy to her and hugged him. She wiggled her hips, milking him dry. She fucked back, sliding the sheath of his cock back and forth. She bit his shoulder triggering more spasms. She stroked his back so his every pore emptied out into her.

Then there were a rush of after tremors. His body was wracked with spasms. He pulsated and shuddered. She held his head to her. She soothed him. “Shhhhhhhh beta. Shanti. Shanti. Mai hoon na. Mere lalla, teri chachi hai na tere liye” (quiet son. Become peaceful. I am there. My dearest, your aunt is here for you, isn’t she?)

As she spoke those words she realized she was supposed to have stopped with masturbation. As she held him close she realized she had taken every drop of him, huge dollops of semen, loaded with the sperm of a vital youngster. That warmth which she had felt spreading deep in her was nothing but the warm semen flooding her womb.

She was now less drunk than when she started; perhaps the sobriety came from the enormity of what she had done accidentally.

The young man was asleep on her. She pushed him off. He lay next to her, trying to snuggle into her and rest his head on her breast.

She needed to leave. Now she knew for sure which the correct door was. She just slipped on her petticoat and used the saree as one would use a shawl to cover her breasts. Her blouse, with some hooks ripped, and her bra and panties she carried in her hand. She crossed over to the door which she knew was her own. As she turned to shut the door, she saw the slightly ajar door of Dipti’s room shut quietly.

Juices were pouring down her legs. He had come in gallons and she had been so fluid that it just proved that she wasn’t ageing. It was just that the sex didn’t have the power to make her juice up that much any more. She tucked the petticoat between her thighs to soak the running mix of man and woman.

She put on her caftan nightdress and lay next to her husband in the bed, as far away from him possible and with her back to him. She needed a wash from head to toe and she could not possibly manage that at this late hour. And she didn’t feel like touching him after having done what she had just savored.

Kumar stirred as he felt his wife settle down at her end of the bed. “Did you hear them?” He asked. “iss umar mey kitne josh sey ek doosre ko chod rahe the!” (At this age how actively they fuck!)

“Aap Dipti aur bhai saab ki baat kar rahe hain? Woh to maine suna, lekin kafi der ho gaya na unko khatam kiye?” She asked. (Are you referring to Dipti and elder brother? I did hear that, but that was a while ago wasn’t it?)

She was actually checking out whether Ajay and her own fucking had been heard and had it been so loud. When she thought back she did feel that the animal coupling had made them both throw caution to the winds.

“Abhi do minute pehle to khatam kiya hai. Do ghante se chal rahi hai chudai. Kal bhabhi shayad late hi uthegi!” He replied. (They ended just two minutes ago. For two hours they have been fucking. We can expect sister-in-law to get up late tomorrow).

Shobha froze. Her husband had heard her clearly fucking her nephew; she was just lucky he mistook it for Dipti and Gopal. She lay still hoping that would be the end of the conversation when she felt a hand on her hip.

“Tum badi der ayi upar. So gayi thi kya? “he whispered. (you came up very late. Did you fall asleep?). His hand ran her caftan up as he bared her ass to him.

“Aaj uss picture mey dekha kaise uss admi ne uss aurat ko peeche se choda?” He nibbled at her ear as he said this. (Did you see how in the movie today that man fucked the woman from behind).

Shobha squirmed. A hand went between her legs from behind. Kumar prised apart her legs and held her upper leg high at an angle. Shobha felt his cock search for her pussy from behind. Before she realized it her body had changed angle to allow him that access. She wanted to stop but didn’t. He plunged in. The wetness that awaited him surprised him.

“Arre! Tum itni geeli ho. Lagta hai tumhe bhi inke chodne sey uttejna ho gayi!“ he said as he thrust himself deep into her, embedding himself in the pool of fluids left behind by his brother’s son. (You are so wet. It seems you too were excited by their fucking.)

Her hand reached behind and she cupped his ass, holding him close to herself. This allowed Kumar to fuck her in short jabs without missing the target. She gasped as the cock found a new set of places to massage on its way in. She trembled. The thoughts of being fucked by two men, one her husband and the other their nephew was maddening. One was a known body, the other a new young man. One young, one old. One perfectly legitimate. The other completely illicit.

Kumar’s hands came up to cup her breasts. He used them as handles to grip and ride her. His fucking grew more erratic as his orgasm built up. Shobha’s ass and hips ground back at him as she pleasured herself on the marauding cock.

“Bhabhi kitni cheekhi, chillayi. Bhaiya ne aj usko aisa choda ki unse raha nahi gaya. Lo, mai bhi tumhe aise hi chodta hoon,” he muttered as he added more vigor to his humping. (Sister-in-law screamed and hollered so much today. Brother fucked her so hard that she couldn’t keep quiet. Here, let me fuck you in the same way)

Shame made Shobha’s body burn but the cock in her seemed to quench the heat. Guilt wracked her mind, but added to the excitement of their fucking.

When Kumar erupted, adding his seed to his nephew’s, Shobha was already a slobbering slut. She whimpered and groaned into her pillow as he pounded her from behind. Kumar cried out loud with each thrust; each thrust was weaker than the last one and finally, Kumar’s cock had shrunk to a point where he could not sustain inside her from the rear. He slipped out. His cock smeared on her ass and he folded himself into her from behind.

Shobha was exhausted from the mauling and fucking at the hands of the two men that same night, and that was fine because another moment’s wakefulness would have driven her mad with the confused and conflicting feelings about the evening gone by. As she drifted to sleep, she thought she saw Ajay at the door, holding it ajar. She couldn’t be sure but perhaps the noises of their fucking had awakened the young man. The door closed gently as Shobha slipped into a dreamless world of exhausted sleep.

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